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University of Miami South Florida Shootout: Notes

On Sunday, the inaugural adidas South Florida Shootout 7-on-7 tournament was held at the University of Miami. Here are some notes from the day's event.

48 high schools, 960 athletes, all gathered at Greentree Practice Fields on Sunday for one of the largest 7 on7 tournaments of the year. The most talented high school football players in the state, arguably the country battled for a trophy, but better yet; exposure.




- The big three from Gulliver: 2016 commits DE Joseph Jackson, S Cedrick Wright and WR Dionte Mullins were all set to make it to the final six; however, their day was cut short early, without even making a trip to the playoffs. The rhythm was simply not there. Gulliver's quarterback was too young to succeed in this type of environment, and rarely looked the way of 4-star receiver Dionte Mullins. Mullins did however get his regardless, including a 25-yard touchdown over the middle against Killian in the first game.

Gulliver boys

- 2018 RB commit Robert Burns was not in attendance; his coaches said he was out of town.


- 2017 3-star RB commit Bentavious Thompson was not at the 7v7 today because he was taking his SAT according to his coach.

- Killian's young talent is one to watch. I witnessed just a small sample size today, but Killian will be a force in two years once Head Coach Cory Johnson puts some size on his receivers.

Ft. Lauderdale High:

- Ft. Lauderdale high was one of the surprises of the day as they managed to beat a 3-0 Columbus High School team to reach the playoffs. The player who impressed me today was LB Dallas Jeanty. Jeanty is the type of student athlete any program would be lucky to have. His work ethic on and off the field is miles ahead of many athletes currently in college. He took being homeless for months and working two jobs as motivation to succeed. His SAT and ACT stores rank higher than honor students that don't play any sports, and Jeanty says he took both those tests just once while half asleep. Unfortunately, he did not get an offer from Miami today; he was likely not monitored as closely as he should have. The 3-star LB just recently started playing football and he's a top 100 player in the state. I'll be getting to know Jeanty as the weeks go by, following him around. More videos and articles will come your way.


- 2016 DE Commit Joshua Uche was at the tournament as well. Uche, however, just watched and talked to a few players and coaches. Speaking to Deon Bush (Columbus HS Alumn), he told me that he likes Uche's style of play, as well as another Columbus player sophomore DB Joshua Jobe.


St. Thomas Aquinas:

- Sam Bruce and Trevon Grimes once again showed why they are top receivers in the country. Grimes started off the day with multiple touchdown receptions including this end zone "moss." Out of focus is the new in focus by the way.


A video posted by @ale_narciso_canes on

- As for Sam Bruce he had a nice 20-yard TD in the semi final game against Flanagan. As for his commitment, Bruce continues to stay loyal as he spent much of the day laughing it up with his mentor WR coach Kevin Beard.

Bruce and KB

- The story of the day from STA however was 2017 QB Jake Allen finally getting offered by Miami. With all eyes on him (Golden, Coley, Kaaya, Berrios and Beard) Allen was cool under pressure and delivered a great performance against Dwyer. Yes, it's only 7v7, but Allen has proved so far throughout his career that he's worthy of the offer. I was able to speak to Allen just after he got off of a golf cart with Al Golden and Jorge Baez where they measured his height and weight just before the big offer.

"I've always loved Miami, and getting back with Sam (Bruce) would be huge," said Allen. "I don't think I'll commit on the spot once I get the offer, I'll still have to weigh my options and see from there."

When I mentioned 2016 QB Jack Allison as likely being the "next man up" for Miami, Allen wasn't fazed at all.

"Jack and I are great friends, I talk to him all the time, I think it would be awesome if we all teamed up."

Allen's outlook on the game reminds me much of Brad Kaaya. He says he doesn't stray away from competition, but he embraces it because it elevates his game that much more.


- Flanagan lost in today's championship to Coconut Creek, but it's defense played exceptionally well against STA in the semi finals. 2016 S commit Devin Gil didn't play because of a broken right hand he suffered earlier in the spring. He did speak to coach Golden and DB coach Paul Williams throughout the day and mentioned he's recruiting some of his own guys heavily to join him at Miami including 2016 4-star ILB Devin Bush Jr.

Coconut Creek HS:

- Straight. Ballers.

- Coconut Creek had by far the most talented team today led by 2016 WR Binjimen Victor. Victor was seemingly unstoppable. When he faced up against 2016 DB commit to Florida State Jamel Cook of Central, Victor Moss'd him not once, but TWICE in the endzone. Victor had dropped a catch earlier in the game that got Chad "MC" Thomas to poke fun at him, but Victor came back strong. Standing next to Kevin Beard on the sidelines for an earlier game, his reaction to Victor's play was a simple raise of the eyebrows.

- One soon-to-be stud from Coconut Creek is 2017 safety Kobe Green. Green stands just shy of six feet but his raw strength and speed combo will catch the attention of multiple big time colleges soon. When I spoke to Green after his win against Fort Pierce Central, Green told me that his favorite teammate to go up against in practice is Binjimen Victor.

"We get physical, we talk a lot too, I like that," said Green.

Green's a player that will not only talk the talk, but walk it too. He says he idolizes Seahawk's saferty Earl Thomas for how physical and talkative he is. As for offers, Green currently holds one from Temple, but that'll likely change after this season. He said he hadn't talked to any of the UM coaches yet, but that at the top of his list is Georgia.

- Shaq Quarterman

2016 4-star ILB Shaq Querterman did not participate in today's tournament. Instead, he simply watched and scouted the competition. Quarterman did however open up about his recruitment and how he's approaching taking the next step into college. He said that he alongside the entire 2016 class is ready to enroll at UM and take anyone's spot on the team.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-partner="tweetdeck"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">2016 LB commit Shaq Quarterman says he&#39;s coming to Miami and taking someone&#39;s spot <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Alejandro Narciso (@Ale_Narciso1) <a href="">May 31, 2015</a></blockquote>

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Full quotes from Quarterman will be released tomorrow.