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Is momentum building for a joint MLS/UM Stadium?

Is the thought of a joint MLS/UM stadium becoming more and more possible? According to a report, yes, it is.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

As I'm sure you know, the Miami Hurricanes do not have an ideal stadium situation. Playing their football games at Sun Life Stadium, a solid 45 minute drive from campus, there is much to be desired.

There have been plenty of articles about a new stadium on the interwebs (and even a couple on SOTU, so happy searching through the archives for those). But, few have been as potentially impactful as this one from the Southern Legion, an MLS fan website. Hat tip to my friend and fellow UM Alum Joel Zusman for passing this article along to me.

The piece states that the Miami-Dade county commission is in the preliminary phases of developing a plan to extend the MetroMover from Downtown Miami to the proposed stadium site for the MLS/UM stadium, adjacent to Marlins Park in Little Havana. While the plans are still in the development phase, this could be a major step in the process.

While loops and other things would be added to the MetroMover rapid transit system, the big things are these:

  1. The proposed plan would give direct transportation from Downtown Miami to the Stadium area (which is HUGE for both MLS and UM to have)
  2. UM students would have direct transportation again by either taking the MetroRail then a bus to the stadium (like we did when I was in college at The U in the early 2000s) or by taking the MetroRail to the aformentioned MetroMover stadium extension.
  3. UM games would be moved back into the heart of Dade County, and MUCH CLOSER to campus than they are currently.

Southern Legion even mocked up what the new MetroMover stadium extension might look like. This is, of course, unofficial, but it gives a picture for you to visualize.

Metromover extension?

With the next Miami-Dade commissioner's meeting not scheduled until June 30th, it may be a while before we hear of this plan from the County.

But, if this plan is announced, that would be a huge step towards a joint MLS/UM stadium coming to Miami in the distant, but not TOO distant, future.

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