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adidas, UM set to unveil new jerseys Saturday night at Club LIV

A new era of Miami Athletics begins Saturday when adidas unveils the new football uniforms at a star studded South Beach party at Club LIV at the Fountainebleu Hotel.

The wait for the new adidas jerseys is nearly over
The wait for the new adidas jerseys is nearly over

In case you haven't been paying attention, Miami is ending their industry defining 27 year partnership with Nike and embarking on a new partnership with adidas.

adidas has repeatedly stated that they are all-in with Miami. They have proven that with the financial commitment of this new partnership, which is said to be between $8.5 Million and $12 Million annually. There have already been early returns on this, with adidas sponsoring the South Florida Shootout 7v7 tournament that took place at on the UM campus back in May.  

adidas tile
adidas has also said they want to "make Miami their Oregon", referring to the program at the forefront of Nike's apparel and gear marketing and innovation. And, adidas is marketing this unveiling in a way that makes this plausible. The Miami New Times even wrote about this very topic.

The unveiling of the Canes' new adidas jerseys will take place at LIV nightclub at the Fountainbleu hotel on Saturday night.

LIV inside

This is has the makings of a perfect Miami event. There will be plenty of pomp and circumstance around the unveiling, with celebrities on hand, a premium location on a Saturday night, no less (that couldn't have been cheap for adidas to book), and musical performances, including DJ Khaled, reportedly.

I know some  people think that this type of unveiling is over the top, but for the partnership that adidas and Miami are embarking on, I think it's just what the doctor ordered. Doing what everybody else does isn't what makes industry leaders, or pushes brands to the top. An event like this are.

There have been rumors about the uniform designs, but you can find those elsewhere. As for me, I'm just excited for the unveiling event this Saturday night.

I will be on hand at the Fountainbleu for this event, and you can rest assured that there will be plenty of pictures and media coverage on the entire night, both here and elsewhere on the interwebs.

I'm excited for the new adidas partnership. I'm excited to go to the Fountainbleu. And, I'm even excited to see DJ Khaled perform. Okay, maybe not the last one, but I'm really excited for this event.

More to come once the jerseys are unveiled.