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REPORT: UM, Corey King part ways

According to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, another player has been let go from the Hurricanes Football program

UM and Corey King have reportedly parted ways
UM and Corey King have reportedly parted ways
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Late on Thursday night, Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald posted this blog.

Why is this important? In the aforementioned post, Jackson reports that the University of Miami football program and Defensive Tackle Corey King have parted ways.

King, a Boca Raton native, had little impact in his time at UM. He appeared in 13 games over 3 seasons in Miami. King only appeared in 1 game last fall.

UPDATE: The report of UM and King parting ways has been doubly confirmed by Matt Porter of the Palm Beach Post.

We wish Corey King the best in his future endeavors.