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Scrimmage Highlights and thoughts

The Canes had their first scrimmage of the fall on Thursday night. Watch the video and read some quick reactions here.

Michael Seay

First scrimmage of the fall was last night. Here are your highlights

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

And some quick thoughts:

  1. Kendrick Norton has gotten high praise all camp. He looks to be a factor on the DL as a freshman.
  2. RBs stole the show in the highlight, led by Trayone Gray's touchdown run. The footwork, shiftiness, and acceleration he showed (0:38 second mark of video) were elite. If this is how he's progressed, watch out!
  3. Mark Walton was in the video early. Miami's had a 4 RB rotation thru camp, and I expect him to get plenty of PT this year.
  4. Brad Kaaya is the man. Need new evidence? Look at the dime he dropped to Herb Waters (0:58 second mark) between 2 defenders. Waters made one hell of a catch too.
  5. OL wasn't shown specifically on the highlight video, but with the plays the skill players were able to make, it stands to reason that the OL is progressing.
  6. David Njoku (last play of highlight) makes me happy.
Those are my quick thoughts. Share yours in the comments below.