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2015 Miami Hurricanes Fall Camp Quotes – Aug. 16

Courtesy UM

Al Golden

What’s the balance between protecting guys from getting too sore and hurt and letting them go at it?

"It’s a fine line. We have the GPS to monitor them now and again, this is our second day back since the scrimmage. During that stretch of Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, they only had 30 to 40 reps. So, that’s a lot of healing time there and we got this next little push – a little break before we get to the next scrimmage. So, you got to balance it, but when it’s time to go, we got to go."

What the approach when you’re dealing with kids that are coming back from a season-ending injury?

"The transition back happens a long time ago, whether it’s May, June, July, whatever. This is just the next phase of it. So, again, those guys are fully integrated right now and we don’t treat them any different than anybody else. If somebody has something that we have to be careful with, then we’ll do that. But right now, we’re in pretty good shape."

How is Brad Kaaya’s August going?

"Good. He’s doing a good job leading. His completion percentage has been good. He’s doing a good job of protecting the football right now and he’s quicker. He’s getting more depth on his naked game right now than he had last year, which is giving him more time and he’s able to get outside of the defense. He’s just quicker in the pocket with stepping up and everything. So, again, we got a long way to go. It’s practice ten. Certainly, this week, we have a long way to go to perform the way we want to perform on Saturday night. But, he’s doing a good job."

Defensive Lineman Chad Thomas

How are you guys managing to stay fresh as we go deeper and deeper into [training] camp?

"Oh, there’s knicks and knacks. Obviously, we play football and we’re deep into camp. So, we’re going to have body aches and stuff. Coach is taking care of us. A lot of us are going to see [Head Athletic Trainer] Vinny [Scavo]. We’re staying in the training room, trying to get our body right for the next practice – we can’t give up. So, you just got to keep a good mindset and ignore the knicks and knacks right now."

What are your expectations for yourself this year?

"The same expectations that I get from my team and my coaches. Just play [to a] high standard, be a great leader and a great teammate at the same time."

How do you see the offensive line progressing over the first nine/ten days of camp?

"They are progressing very well. They had to come together and they came together right now, and they’re giving us some work. They’re giving the D Line a lot of work."

Wide Receiver Herb Waters

What were you most pleased with how you and the receiver group performed in the scrimmage?

"I was just being there, just helping the younger guys out, just staying right around the whole receiver corps. I don’t really like to bring out personal stats and stuff. I feel like if I do something, then that’s for the whole receiver corps. That’s not just for me – even for the whole offense too. I’m just grateful for what we got going on right now."

How do you think you did in the first scrimmage and what are your goals for the next scrimmage?

"There’s always room for improvement – There’s assignments, blocking techniques. I really want to improve as a receiver corps because weren’t how I wanted them to be."

Running Back Walter Tucker

What have you seen from the running back group?

"I feel like we’re tighter than last year. I feel like we’re more of a family – we have good bonding."

What do the running backs bring, competition-wise, to the table?

"Competition-wise, [Running Backs] Coach [Tim] Ice [Harris] always wants us to compete and that’s what we always do. Even though, we’re competing, we always tell each other that we have to step it up in this drill and that drill. But, we also have competition in that room."

You guys are already pretty deep into camp. There’s not really the same excitement as those first couple of days, guys are dealing with injuries. How do you guys keep going forward right now?

"Well, we keep going because we want to push each other to the limit we’ve never reached before and each day is a new limit. Coach Ice goes over that every day, so it’s really just on us. It’s our turn."

Wide Receiver Rashawn Scott

What was the overall feeling from the scrimmage?

"It was a great feeling. We still did the little things here and there, but it felt a lot better than what we did in the spring. So, it was a great scrimmage."

Are you sensing a sense of urgency with the wide receiver group?

"A group that’s looking to do well. That’s all we want to do. With [Wide Receivers Coach Kevin Beard], that’s all he makes you want to do. He gives you the picture and even though we’re tired, he just keeps pushing us. That’s all we want. That’s what we want to see a coach doing for us."

What does your last preseason scrimmage mean to you and what are you looking to do in that?

"As a team goal – doing better than last scrimmage…Our percentage – just getting higher than we got before. That’s it."