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2015 Miami Hurricanes Post Scrimmage Quotes – Aug. 22

Courtesy UM

Head Coach Al Golden

On how happy he was to be able to get the scrimmage in with inclement weather looming
"It was good. We got a full third quarter in, and we got the number of reps we wanted to get - not quite a full game. I’m really happy where we are. We didn’t get anybody banged up. We got a chance to regroup tomorrow, get healed up and set the depth [chart]."

On if the team was able to accomplish everything it planned to in the scrimmage…
"We did. We didn’t miss anything. We got it all in."

On what he knows after the scrimmage that he might not have known before…
"I think once you get them out there, you’re in game tempo, and you’re not babysitting them or over-coaching them – in practice you put them in all of those situations – what we learned is we can handle those situations. For instance, in one play, we came up a yard short on a route on 3rd & 5. We didn’t run the requisite depth. Those situations, the kids need to learn from. We had a 3rd & 13 on defense, and we had somebody who was supposed to be backed up but played close to the line of scrimmage. Little things like that, guys have to make sure they stay focused on the situation and have situational awareness, that’s all."

On which freshmen stood out in the scrimmage…
"We played a lot of them. We’ll look at the tape and see where we’re at, but I’m pleased with that group overall. Good number of them got in – I would say probably 11 or 12 of them played. It was good. We had two groups – we put a lot of the 2’s with the 1’s and 3’s with the 2’s."

On if setting the depth chart will be tougher or easier than he anticipated given the results of the scrimmage…
"There’s going to be some tough decisions, there’s no question. But we have a long way to go, as you know. I think back to last year, Nick Linder and Trevor [Darling] were on the scout team, and six weeks later, they’re both starting. We have a long, long way to go here. Everyone has to keep getting better. Wherever we start the week, wherever you are where we start, that’s just the starting point. Everybody needs to improve – coaches need to improve, players need the improve. We need to have a great week. We’re too far out to put the brakes on. We need to keep getting better, and we’ll see how it sorts itself out. But we need a team that continues to get stronger and deeper as the season goes on."

Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach James Coley

What do you know now that you didn’t know yesterday?

We got four quarterbacks… that can go into the game and play. I thought our guys went into the scrimmage and were very aggressive. I didn’t see a lot of mental errors. I saw guys who were aggressive with their throws, make good decisions and move really well in the pocket. I’ve very high on the group right now. We’ll see this week when we go back out to practice where their minds are at, but I thought that group did fairly well.

What did you think about the offensive line?

I thought the ones played very well. They’re going against that one defense – that one defense is good. They got really good players up front and we have to scrap and when we scrap with those guys, every now and then, we get some bad ball. Meaning, we have some penalties. Because we have to really grab those guys because their big, they’re strong and they’re fast. So, that hurt us a little bit – some of the penalties. The twos are still learning. You’re talking about a whole unit with the twos, but they’ve gotten better from last scrimmage, so I’m encouraged.

Are you still working with the one unit or do you have your five [starters] at this point?

Let’s look at it. I think we’ll release the depth chart after watching this film…I believe so. But, we got an idea of the rotation. You guys are kind of seeing it; Danny [Isidora] at guard… at tackle, Sunny [Odogwu]’s in there, Kc [McDermott]’s in there, Joe Brown’s in there in the mix too. So that’s what we’re looking at.

Brad Kaaya

On how the offense performed overall…
"It went pretty well, pretty good. I feel like we executed pretty well, and we’re just moving the ball fast. I feel like we’re cutting down on a lot of our penalties and turnovers. Just bad football, we’ve cut down a lot. There’s still stuff to work on, of course - we’ll watch the film tomorrow. But I feel like for the most part, the way we came out, we got a lot of things fixed and it ran really smooth."

On how he feels about the offense with two weeks to go before the season opener…

"I’m as confident as I can be after camp. I’m sure every team right now is confident. I’m pretty confident in our guys. Everyone is working hard, just across the board. Everyone’s touching the ball. We’re a hard team to scheme [against] right now. A lot of guys making plays, a lot of guys stepping up. The 1’s [first string], 2’s and 3’s all operated pretty well. That’s what I’m confident about – our personnel, and the fact that everyone is on the same page."

On the performances of wide receivers Stacy Coley and Herb Waters…
"They had really good days. A lot of clutch catches on third down. Stacy caught a touchdown. They looked pretty good today, they were making plays. All day they were clutch."

On how the offensive line did as a unit…

"Our offensive line played good. They only gave up one sack today. They played good. It’s getting set, there are still guys switching around, but as of now, the offensive line looks pretty set. Joe Brown has been making some good plays – he’s on second team right now, but Joe is a guy who has stepped up a lot this past camp. Overall, the offensive line is really coming together well."

On the touchdown pass to Stacy Coley and who else had touchdowns…

"It was pretty long. I don’t know how long. Darrell Langham did, Mark [Walton] did, Malik [Rosier] ran one. We had a lot. I think a majority of our drives were coming away with points, either field goals or touchdowns. That’s what I like - I love points."

Herb Waters

On if the offense had big plays in the scrimmage…
"We did. We executed our job, executed our assignments like we’re supposed to do.  That’s what led to the big plays, and having success as an offensive unit."

On the number of big plays compared to the first scrimmage…
"A lot more big plays. After the first scrimmage, we got into our playbooks and came out here, executed our role and the gameplan that Coach Coley laid out for us."

On his third-down catches in the scrimmage…
"That’s all part of the game. We practice it every day, so it’s normal to us. It’s coming repeatedly. It wasn’t anything too special – it is [special] because it’s third down and keeps the drive going, but deep down, that’s what we’re supposed to be doing."

On Stacy Coley’s long touchdown catch…
"I’m not sure how long, but probably longer than 50 or 60 yards. Probably longer than that. He executed his role – we caught the defense slipping, and we took advantage of the opportunity."

Ufomba Kamalu

On how the defense did overall in the scrimmage…
"At first, I think we started off slow. After halftime, we picked it up."

On the performance of the defensive line…
"I I felt like we had to have really good communication today. Me and Calvin [Heurtelou] were talking a lot, Courtel [Jenkins], Chad [Thomas] and Quan [Muhammad] and Trent [Harris]. I feel like whenever the play changed, we always communicated with each other. That was a lot better today."

Linebacker Darrion Owens

Do you think that you guys have improved as a defense from the first scrimmage to this scrimmage?

I think every day we work to get better. So every day, we get better on the field and in the meeting rooms. We keep getting better.

What would you say is the biggest difference between the last scrimmage and this one.

There was a lot more communication.

Wide Receiver Rashawn Scott

How did it go for the receivers tonight?

I would say it was good – a little faster. We’re picking up on a lot more things, but we still got little things to work on here and there.

What specifically do you guys want to see get fixed up before Bethune [Cookman]?

I feel like if we think this is good, we’re not going to make it to the top. I don’t think it’s good. I think we can keep going. That’s just how I feel. We play these boys every day – our defense. So, in my heart I feel we can keep going to the top.

Defensive Lineman Chad Thomas

Who was good at rush end tonight?

I feel like Anthony Moten. He had two sacks. He was getting in the backfield a lot, working his technique good. Tonight, he was the best at his technique.

What are you happiest with that the defense improved from the first scrimmage to this scrimmage?

We’re trying to get a lot more heads to the ball, and we’re playing faster, and we got a positive attitude. We’re communicating more on the field, so we’re getting the plays down. So, everybody will know the play and everybody will know their assignment – their job. So, all we got to do is just line up and play football.

Running Back Joe Yearby

How did the runners look tonight?

Really good tonight. Everybody got in, they did their part, made a couple of big runs.

How have you progressed?

I’ve progressed a lot. Playing my role, doing whatever the coach says to do – come off the bench or starting. I’m just playing my role.

How did Joe Brown look with the ones tonight?

He looked pretty good. Matter of fact, he looked awesome. He’s perfected his craft, doing what he needs to do, studying more and everything. So, I feel like he’ll do good this year.