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2015 Miami Hurricanes Fall Camp Quotes – Aug. 9

Courtesy UM

DB Rayshawn Jenkins

On the rehab process…

"It was very hard as far as consistency. You really have to stay on top of it to avoid a set back. I feel really good right now and have had no problems up to this point. I just feel very strong."

On maturing…

"The last time I played, I was 19 years old. I was a little immature and I didn’t really want to study. I wasn’t training like a pro. Now I take every thing serious. I'm a pro, I get here at 5:30 in the morning, stretch and do everything I need to do to feel comfortable."

On hardest receivers to go against…

"Probably Malcolm Lewis and Herb Waters. They’re very shifty off the line, especially Malcolm Lewis, you never know what you're going to get out of him. Herb’s releases are crazy, he has different releases and he has speed down the field."

OL Nick Linder

How comfortable do you feel playing guard?

"Injuries happen so you have to move around. Whatever gets me on the field I'm more than happy to do."

On chemistry with QB Brad Kaaya…

"We’ve been working good together. Over the summer, we sat down a couple times in the meeting rooms and watched film and that’s starting to translate out here, granted we have miles to go."

How comfortable are you playing center?

"I’m very comfortable. I like to live in that world of the film room, the white board and all that good stuff. I learned a lot last year from guys like Shane [McDermott], Jon [Feliciano] and Ereck [Flowers] that was a great tool to put in my tool box."

OL KC McDermott

On the offensive line…

"We’re doing great. The offensive line this year is playing as one unit. One thing I love about our offensive line is the fact that we’re together. We really enjoy each other’s company. We’re all focused on one mission, one goal and that’s winning the coastal."

How valuable was last year’s experience…

"The experience I had last year was great. Being able to play with my brother [Shane McDermott] was unbelievable, but unfortunately, the season ended early for me. Playing at that level, at my age last year was a humbling experience. When you're in high school you're used to being the big man, killing everybody, but when you get to this level everyone’s equal. It really showed me what I needed to improve on."

LB Tyriq McCord

On freshmen class…

"Kendrick Norton is doing an amazing job, all of them (the freshman) are doing great honestly. They’re doing better than I did my freshman year, to be completely real with you. They’re a good group of guys."

On Darrion Owens…

"D.O. [Darrion Owens] is another guy that looks natural. I believe he played safety in high school a little bit, so he looks natural at the position.  Really I'm learning from him. We both just feed off each other, he plays on the other side of me on third down, so we just feed off each other and coach each other up. D.O. is smart, he’s natural, he’s just a great player, it’s great to play next to him."

DL Michael Wyche

What is your early impression of (DL) Kendrick Norton and (DL) RJ McIntosh?

"They’re very talented. They’re going to be straight. They’re going to be real good. They are just raw. Then you’ve got a great defensive line coach like Coach Randy Melvin teaching them everything they need to know on the defensive line. You add them two together, that’s crazy."

LB Darrion Owens

How much better could this front seven be compared to last year?

"I think the front seven will be a lot better. We’re a new team this year. We’re all out there working together. I just feel like the trust and accountability has changed. A lot of people don’t want to let the guy to the left and right down. We’ve just gotten better as a team.

How are you doing with coverage?

"I feel like I’m just trying to work on little things to get better and help out the DBs around me.  I’m excited to do my job. It makes everybody else’s job easier.

What kind of boost does having Al-Quadin Muhammad back bring to that pass rush?

"Al-Quadin works hard, runs hard and he pumps you up. It makes you want to work hard too. It’s nice to have him back."

OL Hunter Knighton

Did you ever think you weren’t going to come back?

"Not really. The first question I asked the doctors when I woke up was, ‘How long am I out?’ I thought I was going to play even that spring. I thought I would only miss a few weeks or something like that. I didn’t really realize the extent of it until I was leaving the hospital and the trouble I had then. My goal from the second I woke up from the coma was to be back on this team."

What was the first day that you really remember after you woke up from the coma?

"The first day I really remembered everything was the day I had trouble breathing and Coach Golden was there. They were trying to call my mom because she was outside of the room. But Coach Golden was there and it felt like hours. He was coaching me through breathing. Getting every breath in and he really helped me with that."

What do you think has helped you get through this process?

"I’ve definitely relied on my faith a lot. Pastor Steve, our team chaplain, really helped me through this. My older brother, I actually got to see his last season of football because I was sick. That was one of the good things. Also, being with him on that journey as his football career was ending was really special."

DL Al-Quadin Muhammad

How are you feeling now with your weight?

"Now I feel good. I feel great. I feel explosive. I’m moving pretty good. Everything is good."

Your first year you were more of a third-down specialist, do you feel like now with the extra weight you can handle being in every down?

"Definitely. I gained more weight. Not only that but I’m a smarter player, more disciplined player and definitely tougher. That’s where we’re at, at this point."

What are your goals for the season?

"To win the Coastal [Division]. That’s it."