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Brad Kaaya and Mark Walton Postgame Quotes

Robert Duyos-USA TODAY Sports

Courtesy UM

Sophomore QB Brad Kaaya

On Mark Walton and Joe Yearby

“This whole locker room has seen it and we’ve always known that they are going to be special players. They just have to keep going and keep getting better. Mark has to keep getting better and Joe needs to keep getting better. They just have to keep progressing.”

On the game being tied in the third quarter

“This team handles adversity. Coach spoke to us Thursday night and he told that there is going to be adversity tomorrow and there is going to be adversity for us in every game. You never know what is going to be thrown at you. When they scored to make it 20 to 20, a lot of the guys smiled. I looked at Joe and Mark and said - let’s go, this is what we live for.”

Freshman RB Mark Walton

On what it was like seeing Joe Yearby play as well as he did and their relationship on the sideline

“We kept feeding off each other, kept motivating each other, we keep going in. We he came out, he said, ‘Just keep it going. I’m tired a little bit, just keep it going for me.’ That’s about it.”

On his last touchdown run

“I just kept my feet moving. I didn’t stop my feet at any point in time. I kept my feet moving and determination.”

On how it felt when he knew he was in the end zone

“It felt great. To overpower the defense, it felt great.”

On the touchdown where the ball bounced into the end zone

“Wet glove or slippery glove at the moment.”

On the offense in the first half

“I saw a lot of stunts from the defense. They were doing a lot of stunts at the beginning of the game and we just tried to wear them down. We tried to mix up the pass and the run game, run a lot of draws, mixing it in.”