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Path of the Storm - September 17, 2015

The Path of the Storm returns, with links about the Canes and more from around the ACC.

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Michael Seay/State of the U

Path of the Storm is back with links, news, and notes about the Canes.

UM Linebacker Jermaine Grace: Tyriq McCord can step in for injured Darrion Owens - Susan Miller Degnan, Miami Herald

Grace, a standout player for the Canes, sees great potential in Senior LB Tyriq McCord. Now, we have to have McCord realize that talent on the field, starting this Saturday.

QB Brad Kaaya would trade great stats for a W against Nebraska - Susan Miller Degnan, Miami Herald

Keeping with what we know about QB Brad Kaaya, he says that he would rather sacrifice good personal statistics for a W on Saturday. While that's a nice sentiment, the Canes will more than likely need a big day from Kaaya to emerge victorious against the Cornhuskers on Saturday afternoon.

NBC6 Meteorologist John Morales interview - Justin Gordon,

South Florida TV's NBC6 Meteorologist John Morales famously tweeted the following about the "lightning delay" during the FAU game:

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Interesting that they&#39;ve decided to delay the <a href="">#Canes</a> vs <a href="">#FAU</a> game given that there&#39;s no lightning within 20 miles. <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; John Morales (@JohnMoralesNBC6) <a href="">September 12, 2015</a></blockquote>

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Now, he joins to discuss that event, and the overall craziness that's been the weather component of the Canes games so far.

Kaaya, Receivers have advantage vs. Nebraska's secondary ($) - Matt Porter, Palm Beach Post

Some analysis of the Canes' passing unit vs Nebraska's defensive secondary.

Money Downs: why the Canes aren't worried much about poor 3rd down performance - Matt Porter, Palm Beach Post

On Wednesday, I wrote this piece about the numbers for the Canes, including some shockingly bad 3rd down conversion rates. Also on Wednesday, Matt Porter told us why the Canes themselves aren't worried about 3rd downs. A sort of unintentional point-counterpoint thing.

Canes D knows they can't have a slow start against Nebraska ($) - Christy Cabrera Chirinos, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

OK. So, we know that they know. But now, can they make that talk turn to reality?

Miami's focus against Nebraska can't be nostalgia- Andrea Adelson,

Everybody inside the Miami facility knows what is expected of them every time they hit the field. The past reminds them of that. But Golden is right: Championships and tradition will not help Miami prepare for Nebraska. These Canes must find their own way.

Other links from around the ACC: