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Canes Win Despite Golden Flop In Second Half; Badgley Rescues Canes

Miami coach Al Golden fails in his role as clock administrator and does not allow his offense to protect a 33-10 lead. When all is said the scrutiny for Miami and Al Golden rightfully remains. Miami blows a 23-point lead in allowing Nebraska back into the game. Michael Badgley saves Golden and the Canes in overtime with his fifth field goal of the day.

Al Golden coaching on Saturday against the Cornhuskers
Al Golden coaching on Saturday against the Cornhuskers
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

As the game was progressing there were so many stories that I wanted to write.  There were so many headlines that I kept writing and rewriting.

With Miami running off to an early lead, I was going to write about how Miami was back. That did not happen.

I was going to write about how Miami dominated Nebraska from whistle to whistle and got one of the biggest wins in the history of the program. That did not happen.

I was going to say that revenge is like Florida Stone Crabs, it is best served cold. That almost did not happen.

Michael Badgley put an end to the misery and kicked the game winner in overtime after Tommy Armstrong threw a ball in the end zone to start the overtime that was intercepted by Corn Elder. Elder was then knocked down out of bounds by Alex Lewis to give Miami a first down at 12 yard line.

It finally happened, Miami won this game, but it was more of a survival than a win.

It all came down to this very big kick.

With 8:03 remaining, the disappointing Miami defense of recent memory  showed up and allowed the Cornhuskers to score 23 unanswered points and let them tie the game with under a minute remaining. The 33-10 lead disintegrated and Miami was forced to succumb to overtime.

Al Golden did little to quiet his critics, despite a strong start. With eight minutes to play and a big lead, the Canes should have been playing ball control and worry about nothing more than clock management. Instead, Golden an OC James Coley appeared to have their team pad its statistics and go for a bigger win.

It backfired terribly.

In the end, it was one sorry performance in the second half that should cause heads to roll in Coral Gables.

Golden admitted on ABC after the game that he did not do a good job managing the clock in the second half. That statement punctuated a second half that saw Nebraska have more lives than Morris the Cat.