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A Win that Felt Like A Win

Robert Duyos-USA TODAY Sports

For the most part, watching this game was like watching a professor give you homework on the first day of class; confusing. Miami had a 23-point lead over Nebraska with about eight minutes left to play in what seemed like the most complete win of the season so far. But in the literal blink of an eye, the Maize Runners came back in a valiant effort only to lose in overtime.

The initial feel for the win was the same for most fans: "A win that felt like a loss." Umm no. That’s only said because Miami was up three scores with eight minutes left to play. If the roles switched and the Canes came back from three scores just to blow it in OT, the fan base would (rightfully so) be livid.

But this game shouldn’t be a "Damn dude that was close, what’s on the other channel," type game where you simply accept the win and move on. No. A lot of eye twitching and head shaking went on as Miami barely escaped with the win, but there are accurate ways to handle those moments for a short period of time.

1) Malik Rosier replacing Brad Kaaya on first and goal and losing two yards.

-For the last month or so, Offensive Coordinator James Coley has mentioned using Rosier in certain red zone opportunities. In a game where Miami was up two scores, about to make it three, Coley took his franchise QB (who was balling) out of the game to test out his trickery with an inexperienced player. It didn’t work.

Points were left on the field, but Coley is smart enough to understand that mistakes like that happen, but shouldn’t happen again. #MovingON

2) Penalties

-Another word for penalties is "stupidity." It’s not the most transcendent word in the english vocabulary, but if the shoe fits… Sunny Odogwu and Standish Dobbard single handedly cost the Canes 14 points on two would-be game sealing runs by Mark Walton. That’s upsetting and inexcusable.

Surely, Al Golden gave the cliche "Mess up once, shame on you, mess up twice, shame on me," ordeal to his players afterwards. But knowing how Golden is, he likely started with "that’s on me." However, the penalties somehow didn’t bite Miami where it hurts, and they managed to hold on. Just don’t don’t do it again @Sunny @Standish #MovingOn

3) Al Golden

-When Miami went up a couple scores against FSU last season, Golden seemed to have put his foot on the brake. Yes, a touchdown drop by Braxton Berrios and a lucky touchdown by FSU didn’t help the cause, but the easygoingness was visible. Today it didn’t look like Golden took his foot off the gas, contrary to popular belief. Countless times Miami had red zone opportunities where the capitalization was just not there.

Three goal line red zone fades are never the answer. Bad replay reviews for what was a Rashawn Scott sideline catch was brutal. Failing to use Yearby on the outside of the goal line made no sense. But the chances were there. On the defensive side, the blame is there to give to Golden. The fact that the defensive leader Deon Bush and another strong veteran presence in Jamal Carter were ejected during crunch time is not a good enough excuse to almost blow this game.

That responsibility lies strictly on Golden and DC Mark D’Onofrio, who before the "collapse that wasn’t," were calling a terrific game. They will talk to the media today and say how much of a gut check that win was, or how proud they are of their players, but both coaches are likely sitting in front of a monitor right now looking at film of how they almost got fired, because a loss tonight would’ve been a fireable offense.


However, UM won, they are undefeated through three games, the players were turnt in the locker room, and the Canes won a game they would have likely lost the last four years years.

This is all all that needs to be said after today’s confusion. Nothing more. Games like these happen all the time. Hell, FSU went undefeated on just ugly wins last year. A win is a win is a win. Take it, be mad about how annoying the ending was, be thankful for Corn Elder and Michael Badgley’s god foot, and enjoy a win against a bitter rival. #MovingON