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Miami Must Decimate Wildcats and Win Big Or Fan Base Will Not Be Happy

Saturday needs to be a day that the Hurricanes take out all of their frustrations from last season, and all of the noise from the off-season and channel it into a total decimation of Bethune Cookman. Anything else, as Brian Bosworth would say, "would be uncivilized". The 'Canes fans are hungry for a blowout even against an unranked team. Al Golden better not call off the dogs if they get up early. 'Canes fans want to see a large margin of victory.

Lawrence Cager in the US Army All American Game
Lawrence Cager in the US Army All American Game
Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

The last time Miami scored over 60 points was against Savannah State two seasons ago. Miami won the game 77-7 and could have easily scored over 100 points.  That is what Miami could be looking at this Saturday against Bethune Cookman. Miami needs to score a lot of points on offense and not give up many on defense. Miami needs to make a statement against a team in a non-statement game and give the people at ESPN and the pollsters something to think about when evaluating whether Miami is a top 25 team.

Big teams blow out lesser opponents. They do it to put on a show for their fans and to give the pollsters and the commentators something to talk about.  Miami does not perform all that well in games like this and win games such as these by two or three touchdowns. That has to stop. Miami will get no service or style points for beating B-C, but they will get points for shutting them out and scoring 80 plus points.

This is one of those games where you have to let the pigeons loose. Golden and Coley need to go deep in the playbook and let the touchdowns become bountiful. They should score so often that the backup kicker gets to get some work in on field goals and extra points.

This is the type of game where Brad Kaaya needs to throw the ball to six or seven receivers and let them score as many touchdowns as possible. He should throw for 500 yards in three quarters of football before yielding to Malik Rozier who can finally see some action at the QB position.  Miami needs to bury the Wildcats so deep that Lawrence Cager catches passes for over 100 yards and two scores and Stacy Coley breaks out of his funk. It would also be nice to see Mark Walton and Joe Yearby each rush for over 100 yards and for Trayone Gray to get some quality work in.

It would also be nice to turn the defense loose, let them play press coverage and have the front seven get a half a dozen sacks. I'd like to see Tracy Howard get a pick six and see him establish himself and have a great season.

Miami needs this game to set the tone for next week at FAU where they need to do the same thing. They need two big wins against inferior teams so that if they beat Nebraska and have a good showing in three weeks, then the pollsters will take notice that this is a team to be taken seriously and not one that struggles against the bad, inferior teams, like in year's past, and then loses to the good teams at home.

Miami needs to make a statement this season and it has to start now. They can make a different statement with every game and the time for that to begin is now.