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SOTU Film Breakdown: Linder Paves the Way for Yearby

In the first installment of State of the U's Film Study for 2015, we look at an impressive lead block by Miami's best offensive lineman.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Miami's offensive line is still a work in progress.

But one player in the group is already in midseason form.

Nick Linder has the making of an all-conference center.

Let's take a look at his most impressive block of the night:

UM is up 17-0 and looking to put the game away in the 2nd quarter. From the BCU 25 yard line they line up shotgun formation, trips right, with the standard 5 offensive lineman and Joe Yearby to Brad Kaaya's right.


Once the ball is snapped, each lineman fires off the ball and blocks the man in front of him, with the exception of Linder who pulls. Kaaya hands the ball to Yearby and off we go.


As designed, Yearby follows Linder to the hole, as the UM sophomore center sizes up a helpless LB.

Linder 3

Linder's athleticism is on full display as he gets to the second level.  UM also gets an outstanding kick out block from Kc McDermott lined up at LT, and an excellent seal from RG Alex Gall #67.  There's a hole big enough to drive a small truck through.


Getting to the second level is one thing, finishing the block strong another.  Linder turns his man to perfection and the rest is all Yearby.

Linder Finish

Here's the run in its' entirety.   Again just great work by Linder and Yearby does the rest:


If Miami consistently gets this type of effort from Linder, Yearby, impressive freshman Mark Walton, and Trayone Gray could be in for huge seasons.

The rest of the offensive line had its' ups and downs last night.  And I expect there will be steady improvement as the season progresses.

However at this stage of the season,  it is clear who the best player in the group is.

Look for the 'Canes to continue to find ways to exploit the heady and superior play of C Nick Linder going forward.