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Happy New Year from State of the U

2015 has been a remarkable year for SOTU.

We've grown beyond our wildest dreams, and thanks to you all, established an active community of readers, commentators, and posters that make coming to the site a unique and enjoyable experience.

We can not thank you enough for stopping by our humble blog and taking a peek at our work.

Thank you so much!

Special thanks to all who leave comments, do fan posts/shots, and stop by regularly.

I want to also personally also thank all of my staff members for all they do.

I am regularly amazed at the quality of content you guys produce for this website.   Non of us are "professionals" yet when I look for content simply as a Miami fan and not member of the blog, I find State of the U to often be the best place to go for UM articles.

We hope everyone out there has a safe and happy New Year.

2016 promises to be even more exciting for all of the Hurricanes teams (that Richt guy might make a difference huh?).

We promise to keep working on bringing you the best coverage we possibly can, and make improvements where necessary.

Thank you again all!

Happy New Year!!