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2015 State of the U Reader Awards

Who were our most prolific readers? Check below to find out.

Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

Before we get to the raw data, I want to thank each and every one of our readers, followers, and anyone who comes by our humble site.

Your support and activity is the impetus for everything we try to do here at State of the U.

For those who made the list below, a special thanks.

Interacting with our readers, watching them interact with each other, and getting feedback is the single greatest reward to working on this site.

Keep it up UFAM!

If you didn't make the list, there is always 2016.

You can get started by leaving some comments below!

Seriously though, thank you all again.


Awards for State of The U (courtesy SB Nation)

Most FanPosts  
  AlimPerez1                         9         
  johnyonko                          5         
  mister.wayne42                   4         
  Shheye                              3         
  dadesfynest83                     3         
  Matt Washington                  3         
  AStcloud                            3         
  DavidCline                         3         
  CanesBBA05                        3         

Most Comments
  SBERG                              1639      
  Fjd13                                1413      
  CanesBBA05                       1104      
  miamuh 57                          891       
  72canefan                            780       
  philiafan14364                      744       
  mister.wayne42                     668       
  FJD1313                              644       
  gocanes1                             634