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Recruiting Radar: 1/29 Official Visit Preview and more

The last weekend of visits before National Signing day is here, and Miami is set to host several premium targets.

4-star WR Eli Stove, an Auburn commit, is one of the headliners for the final visit weekend for the Canes
4-star WR Eli Stove, an Auburn commit, is one of the headliners for the final visit weekend for the Canes

After a crazy couple weeks of recruiting that aren't yet finished, we're at the last official visit weekend for this cycle. This weekend will see fewer visitors than the past weekends, but they are still players Miami would like to have in this class.

Official Visitors

For the first weekend, there are no Canes commits visiting. All the committed players in this class have been on campus in the previous 2 weekends. Here are the visitors:

4-star WR Eli Stove. This talented Auburn commit is a player that Miami has been recruiting throughout this cycle. He's a speed merchant, having run 10.7 in the 100m as a junior. Stove is a player who could come in an challenge for immediate playing time, both at receiver and returner. And, regardless of the number of WRs committed, if Stove wants to be in this class, Miami will find a spot for him.

4-star S Romeo Finley. Stove's HS teammate, Finley is a talented and coveted player in his own right. He's the kind of physical Safety that Miami covets, and he has emerged as the top target at this position. Finley is thought to be a Georgia Tech lean at the moment, so Miami will have to have a great visit weekend to make an impact on Finley's recruitment. Finley could contribute early on special teams at Miami, and could easily develop into an All-ACC performer in future years.

3-star DT Tyreic Martin. Formerly a Mizzou commit, Martin is a player with projectable talent and frame who could be a nice addition to this class. Martin committed to Mizzou to play for DL Coach Craig Kuligowski, who now holds that same position at The U. If Martin wants to play for Kool, there's only one place to do that. And, if he does choose to follow Coach Kool to Miami, the Canes will have added a nice developmental piece to the DL group. With Martin's impact probably a year or two away, adding him in this class when Miami has 4 game-ready DTs would allow Martin to develop at his own speed, not be rushed into heavy snaps. Seems like a win-win to me.

3-star OL Tre Johnson. This Illinois commit is an athlete with good size at 6'7" 280lbs. Johnson, who was just offered by Miami this week, would be a good developmental piece for the Canes. He is a couple years away from contributing on the field, but he could become a solid RT or guard in future years. Miami took 6 OLs last class, so this isn't a major priority. Still, we'll see how this visit plays out.

Who's the Surprise visitor?

Each of the last 2 weeks, Miami has gotten a surprise visitor on campus. First, it was DT Briston Guidry. Then, it was DE Isaiah Chambers AND DT Kobe Jones. has reported that Oklahoma OL commits Johncarlo Valentin and Tramonda Moore are going to visit Miami. That's the only such report that I have seen. So, they could kind of be the surprise guys, if they make it to Coral Gables.

But, that's not really what I mean. I mean, which completely off the radar, out of left field, "wait....WHAT?!?!?" visitor will be in Coral Gables this week? I don't have any idea, but I'm surely interested to see who it might be...if there is one, that is.

Other Blips on the Radar

Ahmmon Richards

4-star WR Ahmmon Richards, Miami's #1 target at this position, canceled his visit to Tennessee for this weekend. This is for one reason: Richards was never going to go there. Period. IDC IDC IDC. Tennessee recruiting writers are spinning this as though they dropped him, but that's simply not the truth. If Richards wanted to be in that class, Tennessee would have found room for him. That's what you do for players of this caliber, no matter what school it is.

Now, some have connected the fact that Richards canceled this visit on the same night that he had an in-home visit with 3 Auburn coaches. To my estimation, that's merely coincidental. Miami is still heavily connected with Richards, and will recruit him as the #1 priority until his announcement on National Signing Day.

And, while Auburn made that in-home visit yesterday, Richards is widely thought to be down to 2 schools: Alabama and Miami.

Nick Saban vs Mark Richt for one of the top players in this class.

Let's do this.

Quick hits

  • TE Jovani Haskins is down to 2 schools: West Virginia and Miami. I'm expecting WVU here, but Miami did make a push on Haskins' OV last weekend.
  • WR Kelvin Harmon likes Miami, but could wait until NSD to announce a commitment. This, to me, shows that Harmon is a backup plan for the Canes at WR, and he's waiting to see if we have room for him in this class. If even 2 or 3 (let alone all) of the top targets (Ahmmon Richards, Javon Wims, Eli Stove, Randrecous Davis) all commit or want into this class, that wouldn't leave any room for Harmon.
  • Canes commit Tyler Byrd is visiting Tennessee this weekend. The Vols would have to make a serious impression for Byrd to consider flipping. I don't see Byrd wavering on his commitment to Miami, but stranger things have happened.
  • Miami continues to heavily pursue CB Shyheim Carter. He's a supremely talented player the Canes would love to have in this class.
  • Pittsburgh CB Henry Miller visited Miami last weekend. Mark Richt is set to have an in-home with him on Thursday night. Miller is a long athlete at 6'2", and could have a spot in this class.
That's it for now.

Go Canes