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UGA WR/Return man Isaiah McKenzie to transfer to Miami?

At first, I thought this was an internet hoax. But, this story is starting to grow legs. See what I mean.

Rumors are picking up that speedy Isaiah "Joystick" McKenzie (16) may be looking to transfer to Miami.
Rumors are picking up that speedy Isaiah "Joystick" McKenzie (16) may be looking to transfer to Miami.
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

3:50PM Update:

So, about that whole "Isaiah McKenzie to Miami" thing....

Looks like that's not happening, guys. Sorry.

12:00PM Update:

Per Chase Goodbread of, nothing is going on with McKenzie at current.

Hmmm. Interesting.

Original Story

Mid-day on Monday, this tweet regarding Georgia WR/Return man Isaiah McKenzie came down my twitter timeline:

This seemed like a classic case of social media shenanigans that is quickly recanted. And I said as much in the immediate aftermath of that tweet being posted.

After that, I went about my day and kinda forgot about it. That was until hours went by without a retraction from McKenzie. And then chatter started getting louder that the talent and speedy McKenzie is, in fact, looking to transfer from Georgia. Then, our friends at Georgia's SB Nation site Dawg Nation posted this article:

And now, Mr. McKenzie, you have my full and undivided attention.


So, 247Sports' Miami site InsideTheU has McKenzie's profile updated to show him as a member of the Hurricanes

And their unofficial Canes roster also now lists McKenzie as well


247Sports has put McKenzie back on the UGA roster.

I dunno what's going on anymore.

There are rumors that McKenzie, a 2014 graduate from local powerhouse American Heritage HS, is homesick and looking to transfer back to South Florida. And, there are further reports that McKenzie was working out at his alma mater when the news that his HS head coach Mike Rumph was hired as Miami's new cornerbacks coach. AND, on top of that, 2 coaches from Georgia with whom McKenzie was close with at UGA are now employed by Miami: Mark Richt and Thomas Brown.

Obviously there are many hurdles to clear (will McKenzie get a release? Will he get an immediate eligibility waiver?), but this is a situation that appears to be semi-serious and worth watching. Speaking of things worth watching, here are some of McKenzie's highlights.

Stay tuned.

Go Canes