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Breaking down the Mark Richt Show: Episode Seven

Richt discusses Florida State and North Carolina with Joe Zagacki and Don Bailey Jr. in this week’s show.

NCAA Football: ACC Football Kickoff Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

In this edition of the Mark Richt Show, the head coach reviewed the Florida State game and gave his thoughts on what he expects to see from North Carolina on Saturday. He also spoke a bit about the new uniforms and the different combinations there could be in the future.

After urging fans to come to games on last week’s show, he complimented them after a strong showing against Florida State. He also urged fans to continue coming to the games as they will need the home field advantage against North Carolina.

“They were unreal,” Richt said. “They were so good I couldn't even get into the game.”

Richt discussed the Tar Heels’ ability to get chunk plays on offense and limit them on defense.

“They rarely give up a big play, they play a kind of an umbrella kind of look,” Richt said. “They feel like they can hold up with their front seven, and give you a tough time running the football without getting safeties on the line scrimmage all the time.”

At the end Richt touched on the importance of the atmosphere the crowd created for the recruits in attendance.

“The more our fanbase can show our recruits on consistent basis that we are big time in that regard, in atmosphere all that kind of thing, the easier it’s going to be to get these great players,” Richt said. “If the fans want great players, do your part be at the game and support our team, which you have, its been awesome.”

Enjoy the show, this was one of the better ones.