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Clinic Talk: Three Offensive Drives vs UNC

Breaking down three drives against the Tar Heels

NCAA Football: North Carolina at Miami
Walton carries the rock vs UNC
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

I’m breaking down three drives from the Miami/UNC game. There seems to be some common theories against the offense. I actually saw a couple of pretty well called drives that were blown by poor execution. But one main concern seems to be the RPO’s or run pass options called. In the three drives I broke down, I only saw 4 RPO’s. The issue with the RPO’s is Brad Kaaya’s inability (or is the staff telling him not to?) to throw the damn ball to the open man.

Above, this screenshot is of a nice little slant/arrow (arrow = 0 yard flat out) that causes the UNC flat defender and corner to pick themselves and the arrow is there.

Here the pre-snap leverage is there the throw, it’s a numbers and leverage game and I count and there’s 8 players in the box and a tight flat defender. The flat defender is far too far away to make a play. Kaaya is obviously making the read and choses to give. Then again it’s 3rd and 1 and maybe he’s trying to get the locked yard. They’ve started blocking the back side defensive end with Kaaya not running so he can’t squeeze so damn hard (squeeze = turn his shoulders and come down the line).

Above, with Kaaya’s eyes away from the bubble it’s only a pre-snap read. Pre-snap there’s 7 in the box which makes for a lean to the pass and the leverage was there. This should have been a throw. Once you don’t throw the RPO why would a defense not stack the box?

Above you’re looking at run leverage. That flat defender would jump the bubble.

Even if you don’t like RPO’s you have to understand that they lower the amount of guys that can play in the box. The defenders must pull that flat defender which often is an up-safety or outside linebacker out to cover the slot. It will often put 3 defensive players over 2 offensive players. The major issue this week was poor execution. Missed throws, bad reads, and drops cost the offense points.

Above is a terrible display from Kaaya and below is a bad drop to hurt a drive.