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Miami Hurricanes News and Notes: Should Kaaya return? VT trash talk (really?); Soapbox!

On my soapbox on this fine October 18th

North Carolina v Miami Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

A quick update to start your day. Let’s go:

Monday Musings tackles the issues

Craig T. Smith came back from a Hurricane Matthew induced absence to bring back his Monday Musings. Some interesting things in this always-engaging post:

Among the points of conversation, Craig says QB Brad Kaaya needs to come back to Miami for his senior year. We’re only 6 games into the 2016 season, but Kaaya’s performance has, rightfully, become one of the most scrutinized parts of the Canes’ season.

Several NFL Draft analysts see Kaaya as a top tier prospect due to his physicality and skills. Others see some of his struggles in the same light as Craig, and are not very complimentary of the junior’s draft prospects at current.

I did some research on the subject, but will defer to our Daniel Tummeley, who has a piece on Kaaya cued up for later today. What I will say, however, is the numbers for Kaaya through 6 games aren’t as bad as you think. And, while he’s missed some throws — more than a couple in crucial situations of various games — Kaaya is better than he’s being given credit for. Not saying he’s the surefire Heisman winner, but he’s also not a terrible player.

Oh, and one last thing: Brad Kaaya is our quarterback. We’re not benching him. Stop it. JUST STOP IT WITH THAT ALREADY!

Ok. That’s all for that.

Should Brad stay? Should he go? Hop in the comments (but after you finish reading, because you may want to chime in for this next topic, too).

My rebuttal to a couple things from yesterday’s comments section

I already said my piece on Kaaya, so no need to reiterate that. (see above paragraph/section)

So, I had to say this: some people (not most of you, but 2 guys in particular) are really, REALLY off base with their “analysis”. Look, I get it that losing sucks and, after winning our first 4 games in dominating fashion, we expected better, but let’s stop the overreactions, please.

One commenter on yesterday’s news and notes repeatedly bashed Manny Diaz’s defense for being “passive” and “not making plays in the backfield”. That’s just a flat out lie and I’m going to prove it to you.

Through 6 games, Miami’s DL has the NUMBER ONE havoc rate in America. And, through 6 games, Miami is tied with Clemson for the nation’s lead with 63 tackles for loss. Oh, did I forget to Mention that Clemson has 63 TFLs in 7 games to Miami’s 6? Well, they do. Because of that, Miami leads the nation with 10.50 TFLs per game. Miami also averages 3.17 sacks per game, good 21st nationally.

Did I expect to see a 3-3-5 vs Georgia Tech? No I did not. But that defense held GT to one of their lowest yards per carry numbers of the year.

Did I think that the defense would be this good after 3 starters were kicked off the team? No I didn’t. But, to a man, the guys who are here have stepped up to make plays time and time again.

I say that to say: be frustrated with losing, but you don’t have to make shit up about this team. There are flaws, there are performance issues, but the defense has been TOP NOTCH all year long. Not subjectively, either. Objectively good, and many times great.

If you can’t see that, I can’t help you.

Hate, hate, hate

Just a quick one, but our SBNation colleagues at Gobbler Country — the VT site — posted a piece about why they hate Miami Hurricanes fans.

Probably because we keep whopping their ass over and over and over and over and over again. I mean, they DID call it a lesson in jealousy. It’s okay that you’re jealous of one of the top CFB programs of all-time. Just say you hate us cuz you ain’t us, man. It’s okay. Really. It’s fine.

The main complaint? “Some Canes fans didn’t go to UM”. Sigh. We’re really with this bullshit? Since when is attendance at a school a prerequisite for fandom? Are you just mad that your school sucks and the only people you can get to root for them are the sad sacks who don’t have better options and choose to spend prime years of their lives in fucking BLACKSBURG, VA? Like....what are you doing with your lives?

The author should have titled this piece “I went to an objectively worse school than the University of Miami, where the weather sucks, and there’s nothing fun to do, but I’m going to talk shit about Miami, and those who love the Canes, because I’m a petty and small person who delights in being wrong”. But, I guess he didn’t want to have any accurate statements in his piece, so he decided not to.

In the above linked post, the writer — who posted this drivel at nearly 1am because he knew it was trash — had the following to say:

Virginia Tech outclasses Miami in every tangible aspect except one: national championships


I would write my own piece from the Canes point of view, but the next time I think about Virginia Tech in a week we’re not playing them will be the first. So, do I really need to waste my time and thoughts and words on them?

Methinks not.

But hey, glad to see y’all are so concerned with us. ‘Preciate y’all, fam!

Quick Hitters

I’m gonna post these, but you’ve already skipped to the comments section to leave your takes, I’m sure.

Canes commits keep on ballin’, as evidenced in the HSFB Recap from Week 8

Speaking of recruits, 4-star ATH DeeJay Dallas says he wants to play both ways when he gets to Miami ($)

Mark Richt joined the Joe Rose Show for his weekly radio hit on Monday morning. In it, he says that Brad Kaaya’s health is “fine.” Before the link and also of note, CMR and UM athletics have said the coach will no longer discuss injuries in any media availability, and all injury news will be released in the weekly injury report: Tuesday for this week, and Thursday before Saturday games.

Richard Johnson from SBNation wrote this piece about “South Beach Sansa”, a Neuroscience major at Miami with a penchant for getting put on screen during Canes games.

Obviously, you’re waiting for John Pickens’ The Pick for your picks advice, but Sports Illustrated took a stab at the big games for this week, including Canes-Hokies

Peter Ariz of wrote this great piece about the OLs Miami is after on the recruiting trail this cycle. Really good stuff.

Yeah, this was from Sunday Night Football, but you gotta see this run-after-catch by UM alum Lamar Miller for a TD vs the Colts. Woooo buddy that’s a great play. #ProCanes still ballin’

And, in case you missed it, here’s yesterday’s news and notes

That’ll do it for me today.

Come at me bro (in the comments section below). #bars

Go Canes