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Miami Hurricanes News and Notes: Injuries continue to pile up; probation ends on Friday!

Your daily digest of Miami Hurricanes news for October 19th

Florida A&M v Miami
DE Demetrius Jackson is one of several players who will miss Thursday’s game against VT due to injury.
Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

Let’s get right to it

Canes defense facing rash of injuries

At Tuesday’s practice, Miami released an injury report that has several key players on it.

Miami’s defense has already lost Juwon Young, Jermaine Grace, and Al-Quadin Muhammad to dismissal, and Jamie Gordinier to season-ending injury, and now will be without Jackson, Willis, and Patchan, and could potentially be without starting DE Thomas, too. Yo, that’s a lot.

To combat some of that lack of depth at DE, Miami redistributed a player from offense to defense on Tuesday:

Dobard to DE, maybe? Interesting move. He’s not really a factor on offense, what with Christopher Herndon IV and David Njoku in front of him, but Dobard is a big body and good athlete and he loves contact. This could end up working out. No, I’m not expecting him to be an instant All-American, but I don’t think the staff would put him out there at DE just for appearances. This might be a blessing in disguise for Dobard, who hasn’t played many snaps this season at his “true” position.

No Excuses

Look, everybody knows that Miami has plenty of talent, but is light on depth pretty much across the board on the roster. Even with that being the case, nobody on the staff is making excuses — a staple of the previous staff. Here’s Defensive Coordinator Manny Diaz talking on that point:

Yeah, guys are missing. Yeah, guys are hurt. But we have a game to play, and “we’ll have 11 on defense on the first play Thursday night.” Straight like that.

Again, I know the depth has taken some major hits, but you can bring in freshmen phenom Joseph Jackson (I TRIED TO TOLD Y’ALL ABOUT HIM) and have a starting DL of DE- Trent Harris, DT - Kendrick Norton, DT - RJ McIntosh and VIPER - Joseph Jackson. There are PLENTY of teams who would kill for that kind of talent up front.

Let’s go win with the guys we have.


I want to quote that Rebecca Black song, but I’ll save you the embed. But, the good news, other than me switching to Geico and saving 15% or more on my car insurance, is that Miami Hurricanes Athletics’ probation for the Nevin Shapiro scandal ends on Friday!!!!

Among the things that will be DISCUSSED moving forward after probation ends is allowing former UM players back on the sidelines of games. This is a decision that will be reached by AD Blake James and Coach Mark Richt, but I FULLY support lifting the ban and having Canes legends back on the sideline. Make it happen.

There’s more, but I’ll urge you to read that piece above by Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald. It’s good stuff, man.

ACC issues nothing statement about non-TD from UNC-Miami

Yeah, so, there was that first TD that UNC “scored” that the receiver didn’t catch. What, you didn’t see the video? Check it out:

On Tuesday, the ACC said that the replay officials didn’t have access to that camera angle. Seriously. Don’t believe me? Here. I got proof they said that:

Good Questions that need answers. Well, they only need answers if these things happen to other teams. If it happens to Miami, as they have the last 2 weeks, then nobody is outraged, nobody is calling for forfeitures, nobody cares at all.

The lesson here? Don’t let the game be close enough where a call such as the one above matters to the outcome.

And, again, that call isn’t the sole reason that Miami lost last week. But calls like that fucking matter, and to have it ignored YET AGAIN is not something I’m going to let happen while sitting idly by.

Quick Hitters

Surveying the rest of the landscape

Justin Dottavio aka Ironman Football was back to look at the X’s and O’s of the upcoming Miami-VT game.

Mike Grunewald wonders if Miami is at a year 0 crossroads

Ricky Paolillo’s ACC Power Rankings are back, and THE LEAD STORY IS SYRACUSE?!!??!!

Mike Sanchize wrote this FanPost about what ails Miami’s offense

Christy Cabrera-Chirinos of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel says there are no easy answers for the offensive struggles.

Matt Porter of the Palm Beach Post had this view of the offensive anemia of late.

Porter also looked at the ACC Coastal division race halfway through the 2016 season

Just gonna leave this here to remind you that, while he hasn’t been perfect and there’s plenty of room for improvement, Brad Kaaya is pretty good at football

Yeah, Miami is on a 2 game losing streak after a couple rough offensive performances, but maybe this game on Thursday night is just what the doctor ordered

Another piece by Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald with plenty of UM nuggets? You’re welcome

Former Canes WR Sam Bruce, who was recently booted from the Canes Football Program, was arrested for Marijuana Possession. Not only that, but UM is investigating 2 current players who were with Bruce at the time of his arrest. So, that’s great.

Yet another Miami Hurricane who was an undrafted free agent is making moves in the NFL, as Tracy Howard, a CB at Miami and early in his NFL career, has been elevated to the starting Free Safety for the Cleveland Browns.

And, as always, here are yesterday’s news and notes — including some STOOOOOOOOOOOPID statements by VT trying to make like they’re a team that matters — in the link below:

That’s it for now.

Happy Humpdayyyyyyyyyyy!

Go Canes