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Clinic Talk: Questions, Comments, Concerns for ‘Canes fans post-Georgia Tech

Covering RPO’s, Texas route, RB screen, toss crack and missed tackles

NCAA Football: Miami at Georgia Tech
Mark Richt and Paul Johnson
Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Miami cruised to a 35-21 victory over Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Ga. While it was a fairly easy victory, it did leave me with a major question, a couple of comments, and two major concerns heading into the week of weeks- FLORIDA STATE WEEK!

The question you may be asking- where did the RPO’s go? You saw Miami pick App State apart on a key drive with a string of stalk/bubble throws from an inside zone read RPO. Unlike App State, Georgia Tech was ready for them and played what I call “Robber” against the ‘Canes.

You can see the slot being robbed above, with the FS very deep over the top worried about the deep posts and possible verticals. The nickel or up safety is going to run the flat to the bubble and take that aspect away. Knowing Brad Kaaya won’t keep on the inside zone really eliminates 13 of the RPO. Now GT can play 7 in the box (the strong safety rolls up into the box) against the IZ.

Comments- My two major comments are did you guys like the Texas route and RB Delayed screen that SOTU called Mark Richt staples back when we introduced the offense to you this summer?

Great protection and an understanding of the linebacker drops (those deep and wide 45 degree angles) allow the Texas route to come wide open. It was off vert/out combos this time instead of possibly a double smash (hitch/corner) combo.

The GIF above is a beautiful running back delayed screen with a three offensive lineman convoy. This will be pivotal in slowing down the FSU pass rush and calming the Hurricanes’ nerves on offense.

Concerns- my two major concerns coming out of the game are the susceptibility to the toss play and piss poor tackling.

In the GIF above, you can see the toss should be stopped but bad tackling allows it to break for a big first down.

In the GIF above, you can see toss completely uncovered and it’s nearly a walk in at the goal.

If you think the Hurricanes can tackle poorly and defeat FSU, you don’t remember Cook picking up 200+ yards and 90 yards in two close contests the past two seasons. The 2016 result needs to be shutting down the FSU run game and Cook, and solid tackling will be the key.

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