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ProCanes NFL Recap: Week 6

Another Sunday of ProCanes making highlights and scoring for their respective teams.

Cleveland Browns v Tennessee Titans Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Apologies, SOTU faithful (and Cam), for the tardiness of this post, I’ve been SWAMPED at work...jk, I’m still in college (Go Terps) and it’s midterm week =).

Anyways! ProCanes showed up in a big way on Sunday, dominating headlines, highlights and stat sheets all across the league.

Duke Johnson

Five weeks...not bad, not bad. Of course, this is NOTHING in comparison to the 149-week(!!!!!!!!!!!!) streak that ProCanes hold. But, you gotta start somewhere!

Duke finished the game with only 16 yards on four carries, but did add a touchdown in the Browns’ loss - his first of the season. He also caught four passes for 56’d probably be in Cleveland’s interest to get this guy the ball some more.

Frank Gore

Something interesting I wanted to bring up. A story about Frank Gore and Vince Wilfork facing each other and referring to Gore as his “little brother.” The two were teammates on the greatest college football team ever assembled (debate me physically if you disagree), and Wilfork also pointed out how they each still have tremendous amounts of love and respect for The U.

In his game against Wilfork and the Texans, Gore had a GREAT day. He rushed for 106 yards on 22 carries, easily his best statistical game of the season thus far.

Yikes...and one more thing about Gore and ‘The U’ legacy:

This was a great graphic presented on Sunday Night Football...IT’S ALL ABOUT THE U!

Lamar Miller

Miller was also featured in Sunday night’s Colts-Texans game...and boy did he show out. ‘Miller Time’ basically put the team on his back and lifted Houston to a primetime-comeback win. The running back went for 149 yards on 24 carries and a touchdown, including this Madden-like play:

An amazing play to get the Texans back into the ballgame late. Miller finished the game with 27 touches 178 total yards and two touchdowns. With Miller’s help, the Texans were able to pull off a 26-23 overtime win.

Erik Swoope

That’s a name you probably haven’t seen. Swoope, a former Cane hoops player-turned-tight end (stop me if you’ve heard that before) made a huge play for the Colts vs. Houston.

The 35-yard reception was Swoope’s first of his career. He finished the day with two catches for 42 yards. He will certainly see his role expand as TE Dwayne Allen deals with injury. This is great news for Swoope as he goes from never playing football to making a team’s 53-man roster.

Greg Olsen

This is a TE who you’ve certainly seen before. To be honest, he’s in here every week. Olsen didn’t have a signature play or a touchdown on Sunday, but he still went for 94 yards on six receptions. The 10th year ProCane continues to show why he is the best tight end in the game and is WELL on pace for his third consecutive 1,000 yard season. His 610 receiving yards ranks second in the league, amongst ALL pass catchers (WR, TE, RB)...yeah, he’s that good.

Allen Hurns

Hurns did not reach the end zone, but his 74 yards were the most he’s had since Week 1, and he did so on five catches and a season-high 11 targets in the Jags win over the Bears.

Sam Shields

In not-so-good news...Packers All-Pro cornerback and former Canes..receiver(?) was placed IR after suffering a concussion Week 1 against Jags.

Hopefully Shields can get this issue resolved, and let’s pray that his career is no threatened with his reoccurring concussion issue.

That’s all for this week! See you guys on Monday...and GO CANES!