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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Virginia Tech Edition

Cam pinch hitting for Jerry this week, but we still have things to discuss, and grades to give out.

NCAA Football: Miami at Virginia Tech Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Hey! I’m new at this, pinch hitting for Jerry, who had a previously standing commitment this evening. But, no excuses. Canes 11 on the field to start the game on defense, and I can type, so it’s about even.

For the game, Miami just made too many mistakes, and didn’t have enough depth, as they fell to 4-3 with a 37-16 loss to VT.

Here’s the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly report:

The Good:


David Njoku hurdled a guy in the open field. And earned a new nickname with that play:

The depleated D stood tall early in the game

Manny Diaz’s defense continued to wreak havoc in opposing backfields

Canes got a TD late in the first half, on a BEAUTIFUL throw from Kaaya to Berrios. SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE O-LINE GIVES BRAD TIME!!!!!

Kaaya. Herndon. Wheel Route. TD.

Defense stepped up and had 8 tackles for loss and 3 sacks. Less than our average of 10.3 TFLs per game, but still a good showing, ESPECIALLY considering the number of starters missing tonight.

The Bad:

Miami’s D held on the first drive of the game, forcing Jerod Evans into an intentional grounding. The bad part? It wasn’t called. I didn’t like that.

Someone in the press box was none-too-pleased with Brad Kaaya missing an early throw moving to his left

Courtel Jenkins’ personal foul to help VT march down the field on their first TD drive of the night.

The tackling on the next play, a pass which went for 52 yards to the VT fullback (like, seriously?)

Njoku. Buddy. Come on. Dropping a wide open bubble screen. Again.

There were some holds on VT not called, but that happens every game. Just wanted to make sure I mentioned it, tho.

The Ugly:

Brad Kaaya’s forced throw into triple coverage, which was tipped and intercepted early in the 2nd quarter. That was And, to make matters worse, David Njoku was WIDE OPEN on that play. Woof. Terrible. The ugliest.

Too many personal fouls. Roughing the passer. Unsportsmanlike conduct. Holding. Can’t win when you continue to hurt yourselves, guys.

Badgley shanked the first extra point of the game too the left so far I thought he was listening to a Beyoncé song.

More injuries :-(

When the opposition is talking about all the mental mistakes you’re making....

Speaking of which. Tyree St. Louis had a rough time tonight (ignore the typo, you know what I meant in the tweet)

Offensive line gave up 7 sacks 8 sacks (VT had one late to up their total). That DOUBLES themost he’s ever been sacked in a game. Yeah, some of them were on Brad running into them, but the vast majority? OL just got whipped. Over and over. This sucks. SUCKS!


I feel you, Joaquin

Team Grades:

Offense - This offensive line is atrocious. It’s LITERALLY the worst I’ve ever seen. Far too many sacks. St. Louis’ penalties. Darling can’t stop a speed rush. Just bad. Brad Kaaya finally came alive and hit some throws, but he ran into a couple sacks at inopportune times, like I said. Njoku had a bad drop, but made a couple plays. Joe Yearby’s 1 cut and go ability showed well all game long. Berrios and Herndon had TD catches, and Richards got loose a bit. Some good, but plenty of bad too.

Grade: D (thought about going in the C range, but the offensive line play and drops were just so bad that I had to drop the grade)

Defense - I know there’s no excuses, but man, missing all those starters, and losing Rayshawn Jenkins during the game, hurt. Badly. Miami’s Defense stood tall for a while, but the inability to get off the field on 3rd downs was the difference. Then, the running game of VT started hitting plays late, and it was a wrap. Youth explains some issues, but still...that’s just not going to be good enough, even if you’re out there for 30+ minutes and 70+ plays.

Grade: C-

Special Teams - Great tackle by Travis Homer on punt return. Great individual play by Jaquan Johnson to block a VT FG in the 4th quarter. Justin Vogel continues to be the real MVP with his elite level punting. Badgley made 1 FG. But, he missed an XP BADLY.

Grade: D for the missed kick.

Coaching - Still uneven. Needs to be better. Period.

Grade: D