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An essay in tweets: Brad Kaaya as an NFL prospect

Like others, an NFL draft analyst turned his trained eye towards Miami QB Brad Kaaya. Here’s what he had to say.

Miami v Virginia Tech Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

For 3 years, Miami QB Brad Kaaya has been the face of the Hurricanes’ program. He’s the franchise, the unquestioned starting quarterback, and one of the best to ever play for the Canes.

As he’s progressed into his junior year, Kaaya’s abilities have been dissected by many. Starting from this past summer, Kaaya was listed as a top NFL Draft prospect by many. Through the start of the season, however, Kaaya’s play has led to several people tempering their once-high expectations of him.

Today, Bleacher Report NFL analyst Ian Wharton had a sort of twitter essay about Kaaya. Here goes:

First, a sack that was Kaaya’s fault in Wharton’s opinion.

Next, a really good play from Kaaya.....except for that decision on where to throw (you know which play this is)

Then, an NFL throw from Kaaya

No gif here, but another solid play from Kaaya discussed

And the video of the above-discussed play

What’s Kaaya’s NFL projection, in Wharton’s opinion? A question:

And an answer:

Another NFL throw by Brad Kaaya

A take on the spectrum of Kaaya’s performance vs VT

I respect Wharton and his work, but I FULLY disagree with attributing 7 of the 8 sacks vs VT to Kaaya. But hey, everybody doesn’t have to agree with everything, yanno?

Overall thoughts?

Finally, the big question: Does Wharton think Kaaya should stay in college for a 4th year or is he ready to go to the NFL now?

That’s one man’s opinion of the situation. What’s yours? Hop in the comments below and keep the conversation going.

Go Canes