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The kind of streak that no one likes

Miami head coach Mark Richt has not found success against formidable opponents.

NCAA Football: Miami at Virginia Tech Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

For the third straight game, the Hurricanes have failed to score more than 19 points and the for the third game in a row the ‘Canes lose. There is no doubt a correlation between the two.

While the head coach at Georgia, Mark Richt only lost three straight games once. It happened in 2010, when the Bulldogs lost four straight and finished the season with a 6-7 record. With the three consecutive losses this season, Mark Richt has tied Al Golden’s longest regular season game losing streak in his tenure at Miami.

The offense has played a huge part in the demise of this season’s goal to reach the ACC Championship game. The offense has averaged 16 points in the last three games, while Miami’s defense has held opponents to 20 points in two of the last three games. The Virginia Tech game was the first game of the season where injuries and lack of quality depth hindered the unit’s performance.

The last time Miami scored less than 20 points in a game for three consecutive games was in 2007 when they went four games scoring 16 points or less. It is rare to be in this kind of slump, but what makes this even more intolerable is the fact that Miami has a highly thought of pro prospect at quarterback.

In terms of the offense, it is not a quick fix, as every position group is dealing with shortcomings. The offensive line gave up eight sacks against Virginia Tech, and were also called for crucial penalties throughout the game.

Going into the Notre Dame game, ‘Canes’ fans are probably wondering if Richt will able to fix the problems that are crippling the unit that was once thought of as the best on the team.

Will Richt find a way to make this offense work?