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ProCanes NFL Recap: Week 4

ProCanes came out in full force on Sunday...but not in this country....

Indianapolis Colts v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

Former Canes showed out once again on Sunday, and scoring multiple touchdowns and...even scoring touchdowns overseas?

Allen Hurns

Yeah...there’s a reason Hurns got PAID this offseason.

Hurns only finished with two catches for 47 yards, but the 42-yard score shown above proved to be the difference-maker in the win for Jacksonville.

Phillip Dorsett


Dorsett absolutely scorched the Jags defense on this dime from Andrew Luck:

Dorsett was initially listed as ‘questionable’ with an ankle injury, but he certainly looked healthy on that play. His score was his lone catch of the game, and looks to make more of an impact in the Colts offense. But his ability to stretch the field is a key attribute to his skill set and is something Canes fan still love seeing to this day.

Oh...and notice on his touchdown, he blew right past former FSU DB Jalen Ramsey.

Frank Gore


Gore had a decent day for the Colts, rushing for 68 yards on 16 carries, including one touchdown...THREE ProCanes scores in one game? Seems pretty good to me.

He also continues racking up the accolades in his HOF career:

Gore moved past Marcus Allen, former Cane great and legend Edgerrin James and Marshall Faulk during the game...not a bad day, if you ask me.

Congrats, Frank!

Greg Olsen

G-Reg continues to ball, man...just look at his latest TD grab.

Insane...there’s a VERY strong case to be made for Olsen being the best tight end in football. He may not be the most explosive, but boy can he play. Olsen finished with six catches and 76 yards, including a two-point conversion reception that brought the Panthers within seven points after his amazing one-handed catch.

Denzel Perryman

Perryman didn't necessarily dominate the headlines by any means, but he did receive the opportunity to be mic’d up for the Chargers, which is always a cool experience for the both the fan and the player.

Yeah...he definitely can hit.

Jimmy Graham

You see the difference in the Seahawks offense who Graham plays and is healthy...he does stuff like this.

Artie Burns

Burns had another key pass breakup against Kansas City on Sunday Night Football. He’s still getting his feet wet, but Burns is looking like he’s going to develop into a good, if not great player for Pittsburgh.

That’s all the ProCanes news for this week. Be back after Week 5 for more updates!