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Clinic Talk: Film Review of UNC, Ole Miss and Louisville vs the Noles

Breaking down the Florida State Seminoles heading into rivalry weekend!

NCAA Football: Miami at Georgia Tech
Coach Richt after defeating Georgia Tech
Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s go over a few of the UNC formations Miami also uses and how FSU lined up...

Below, you can see what I’ll label as “Trio” from 11 personnel. FSU plays the upsafety in an overhang splitting the difference between the TE and the slot. Safe to assume the safety is at 12 yards and over #2. I can see Coach Richt using his RPO game against a set like this, as Kaaya rides the back, he can see if that upsafety attacks the bubble or sits/drops.

Below we take a look at pro slot from the gun. FSU stacks the slot and plays the apex with the safety between the #2 and EMOL (end man on line of scrimmage). Here I could see Coach Richt using outside zone (OZ) or power to the boundary. In this look the RPO may be off but slant/arrow should be there.

Now we will look at a play from the UNC, Ole Miss and Louisville games and how FSU executed them.

Below, you can see the Noles in a 12 personnel (we will call these H-Back wings Tight Ends for our purposes). It looks like UNC adjusted to a 4-2-5 cover 3. How will Miami adjust to this? They attempted to play a similar formation vs the Jackets in an odd front, however it’s difficult to defend counter-trey with only 3 down lineman. The 4-tech would be easy to kick and the wrap would go through a massive gap if the 0-tech is based even half-assed by the center.

Below, the FSU empty set and 4 verts with a drag from #2 on the twins side led to a TD against UNC. Why would this hurt Miami? I think the QB pulling the ball down and running would hurt worse versus the inside linebacker 45 degree angle drop employed often by Coach Diaz, but his pressure packages should carve the FSU OL up.

Below, this definitely strikes a little fear in the heart. After GT used rocket toss extremely well against the ‘Canes, to see the Nolies running it here against Ole Miss is worrisome. Cook will get much deserved goal line attention and another dynamic FSU skill player could catch this toss in miles of space.

I think the ‘Canes prevail but FSU has the pieces in place to hurt Miami, and the method UNC, Ole Miss and Louisville used- a mobile QB that can run in the passing and running game- Miami doesn’t have that card in their hand.

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