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Miami Hurricanes to be featured in new ESPN 30 for 30 doc “Catholics vs Convicts”

Just what you needed in your life: another Miami Hurricanes documentary from ESPN. Set your DVRs now.

Craig Erickson
ESPN’s “Catholics vs Convicts” 30 for 30 documentary is coming to your TV this December.
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ESPN has a long history of using the Miami Hurricanes to drive ratings. Apart from numerous highly rated football games, ESPN has had 2 Miami Hurricanes documentaries win widespread acclaim: The U and The U part 2.

Now, the latest Miami Hurricanes based documentary is going to come to ESPN airwaves this December. ESPN announced today that their new documentary Catholics vs Convicts, a film which chronicles the rivalry and historic 1988 game between the Miami Hurricanes and Notre Dame Fighting Irish, will debut on December 10th, following the Heisman Trophy Presentation on ESPN.

Here’s the trailer for the film:

Yeah, I just got mad about Cleveland Gary’s non-fumble all over again. Such a horeshit call. UGH. Anyways....

This is yet another instance of ESPN leveraging Miami — along with Notre Dame in this case — to their advantage. Only a handful of schools even have one 30 for 30 about them. When this airs, Miami will have 3.

If that’s not a symbol of the Canes’ enduring relevance — even as the team’s performance was poor — I don’t know what is.

ESPN’s Catholics vs Convicts airs December 10th at the conclusion of the Heisman Trophy presentation.

Go Canes