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What does this game mean to “U”?

This is what we wait for. This what coaches and players work hard for. This is what legends are made of. What does this game mean to you?

NCAA Football: Florida Atlantic at Miami Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, you. Yeah, you.

What does this game mean to you?

Did you have this game marked down on your calendar? You should have. This year is our year. The feeling is a little different around the program. Four games into the season, and we’re finally getting flashbacks of the past.

Could it be a head ball coach who knows what it means to strap up that helmet and represent The U? Could it be a quarterback whose passion for this program runs deep in his veins? Could it be the fans who have held on to the glory days of the Orange Bowl, and are looking to bring back the passion to a new stadium? Or maybe, it’s a defense that has brought back the swagger that former Canes teams had.

It’s everything.

Tallahassee and Miami are two cities separated by 480 miles, or seven hours in a car. They’re worlds apart in terms of culture. The fan bases are bitter rivals, with storied pasts. It may be called Florida State University, but South Florida is a state in itself. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a culture. It’s the way you talk. The way you walk. The U is a cultural phenomenon.

To fans, this game will be the turning point. It will push Miami back to the main stage. It will give us the respect we deserve.

To Mark Richt, this could be his first signature win as Miami’s head coach. To Brad Kaaya, this win will only further cement his legacy.

To kids in Florida, and recruits, this game will show them what it means to be a Cane. With all the three, four and five-star talents in attendance, the Canes get a chance to show these kids what it means to be part of The U.

For FSU, this game is everything. With two losses, the Seminoles aren’t pleased with the course their season has taken. What better way for them to build some morale than beating their hated rival? Let’s make them miserable. We’re talking about a team that was disrespected by a kicker who mocked the chop. Louisville thrashed the Noles. We can’t leave any doubts. What does this game mean? Everything.

As the players run out of the tunnel, and their hairs raise on the back of their necks, goosebumps will begin to form. All of you in attendance will be part of this game. You may not be on the field physically, but if this game means anything to you, you’ll be on the field through your passion for this rivalry. Yell at the top of your lungs. Make it hostile. This game is a war.

So I have to ask you one more time... What does this game mean to you?