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Matchup of the Week: FSU Edition

There’s no explanation’s FSU Hate Week

Miami v Georgia Tech Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

It’s finally’s FSU week. The Canes are coming in ranked No. 10 - the first time they were ranked this high since 2013 - while FSU is currently ranked No. 23 after suffering from two conference losses to UNC and Louisville. Louisville absolutely DESTROYED FSU and UNC defeated the Noles on a game-winning field goal. Watching them lose just gives everyone so much joy. After being initially ranked in the Top 4, FSU hasn’t looked like their former teams as of late.

The Canes are 4-0 and are looking really good in every phase of the game. There hasn’t been this much promise and optimism around the program in a good decade and this clearly is Miami’s best shot at snapping their six-game losing streak to their rivals. The last two seasons, Miami has lost to FSU by less than a touchdown and with FSU taking the lead for good late in the fourth quarter. It may hurt, but here are the last two match ups vs. the Noles:

Bruh...watching those hurt. I always argue with a friend, who is an LSU fan and a writer for SB Nation, that Miami didn’t even have to be GOOD defensively. They just had to be NOT AS BAD. The only positive I see from the Canes in these videos are a double-edged sword...and that was their effort. THAT is the effort in which you play a football game. Even in the losses, the team never quit and played like they wanted to win. In the previous two seasons, Miami hit a tailspin after losses to FSU. In 2014, they lost four straight and finished 6-7. Last year, they finished 8-5, but SHOULD HAVE EASILY won 10 games. And that lost to Clemson? Should’ve never been that ugly. What is came down to? COACHING! The Canes finally have the pieces in place and the coaching to get them over the threshold and will look to finally defeat their in-state rivals.

Dalvin Cook vs. Miami Defense

Stop him...please.

Dalvin has had his way with the Miami defense for two years in a row and is the sole reason why the Canes have suffered losses. You can’t argue otherwise. He has five total TDs and 314 rushing yards in two games against the would say that’s pretty good. I know the defense needs to step up and make plays, especially because the defense is the reason why the Canes have lost the past two seasons, but it was Dalvin Cook who scored those final two touchdowns on the defense to solidify the Noles victory.

I really don’t know what else to say...Cook makes this offense go..and has been the reason for two-and-a-half seasons now. FSU is extremely athletic at most positions and will definitely challenge the Canes’ secondary, and frankly, if that’s how Miami has to lose, then so be it. But Dalvin Cook CANNOT be the reason Miami loses to FSU again this year.

FSU is weaker up front than they have been in previous seasons, and with the Canes new aggressive approach, they should be able to create constant havoc and force Francios into difficult situations while also containing Cook.

This is the year for Miami to beat FSU. They’re ranked ahead of them, it’s at Hard Rock Stadium, FSU is faltering early and the Canes have all the momentum going into this game. It is time to put up or shut up. Mark Richt & Co. will have the team ready and prepared to win, and the players need to go out and execute the gameplay to perfection to walk away with a win.

Miami will be amped up...but don’t think FSU won’t be either. They’ve been struggling, but they still hold the bragging rights having won six straight. It’s time to play Miami football. Big time players make big time plays in big time games.

Canes 31-FSU 27