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Breaking down the Mark Richt Show

Richt discusses Georgia Tech and Florida State with Joe Zagacki and Don Bailey Jr. in this week’s show.

Florida A&M v Miami Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

In this edition of the Mark Richt Show, the head coach reviewed the Georgia Tech game and shared his thoughts about Saturday’s primetime game against Florida State. Richt has seen this rivalry from both sides, and knows what to expect.

They also touched upon former FSU head coach Bobby Bowden, who Richt called the second most influential man in his life.

Since arriving, Richt has not been shy in urging fans to come and support the team on game days.

“I’m excited for our fans, the fans can change the game,” Richt said. “There is truly a home field advantage. When our recruits come and see the atmosphere and see how much our fans love and support our players through thick and thin, that makes a guy come play. So if you want to bless the program, cheer for the boys.”

Miami quarterback Brad Kaaya also joined the show to discuss the upcoming matchup and why he has been so successful against the Seminoles in years past.

Enjoy the show!