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SOTU Roundtable: Miami-FSU predictions

The State of the U staff has their picks for Miami-FSU. Check them out here.

NCAA Football: Miami at Appalachian State Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, the SOTU staff had a big discussion about the upcoming Miami-FSU game. You should check that out. Here’s the link for you:

Today, it’s prediction time. Here we go.

How do you see the game playing out?

Jerry Steinberg: I think the 'Canes pressure gets to Francois and creates a few early turnovers that Miami capitalizes on for an early lead. But FSU is in the habit of dramatic comebacks, so they don't go away easy. Cook loves to face his hometown team, so he'll make a few big plays to make it close or perhaps even put the 'Noles ahead. But in the marquee moment it is Kaaya who shines brightest. A late TD pass to David Njoku sends Hurricanes fans into ecstasy.

UM wins 30-24

Cam Underwood: This is going to be a tough game. Both teams are going to be keyed up from the start. Miami’s defense is going to contain Dalvin Cook more than in previous years, a noteworthy task since we haven’t ever contained him. I think Deondre Francois will hit a couple throws, but the front 7 will get after him often and make his life hell.

For Miami, this is going to be Brad Kaaya’s magnum opus. He’s the maestro, conducting the Canes’ offense, and he’s had some great performances before, hitting FSU for 721 yards with 5 TD and 1 INT in 2 games vs the Noles. He hasn’t, however, beaten FSU yet, but with a big performance on Saturday, that will change. The offense will rise to the occasion, the skill players will be elevated by Kaaya’s elite level of play, and FSU’s defense will continue to lack the answers needed to stop a top tier offense.

Canes win a close one, 30-21

Blain Bradley: 28-21 Canes: A slug fest if we let it be. I want to see some turnovers from the D that turn into a score. That's a game changer. If we do that, I say we win 28-14. I think we wear out the Noles. Cook will be stifled by our defense. Home field advantage will have a whole new meaning. The fans are ready.

Justin Dottavio: It's an old school Miami/FSU game. This will be whoever rushes for the most yards, and hits the big play downfield, wins. 20-17 Miami.

Mike Grunewald: This question kills me, Cam.. Kills me.. My heart says “FSU” (I’ll explain in a second) but my head says “Miami.” The reason my heart says FSU is because I still have Al Golden PTSD. We haven’t beaten the Noles in so long it’s hard for me to wrap my head around that possibility. My head says Miami because the Noles defense is horrendous. You’re telling me we have a potential first round pick at QB and tight end with talented running backs to boot and it’s at home? Miami all the way.

I think I’m going to go with my head on this one (scared as hell right now) because Manny Diaz has this team defense playing on a whole other level right now. They’re probably going to get lit up by the Noles to the tune of 350-450 yards but I think there will be enough negative plays mixed in like interceptions and sacks to get stops when the Canes need them most.

Miami wins (covering my eyes now) 42-35.

John Pickens: I expect a close game throughout, with the Canes winning by a touchdown. As good as Miami's defense has been, don't be surprised if the Canes give up points on Saturday night. The over/under is 64.5 so this game is expected to be high scoring. Florida State's offense has too much talent to be held down all game. FSU has played four FBS opponents and given up at least 34 points in each game. Brad Kaaya leads the Canes to a 38-31 win.

Charlie Strauzer: Canes win in a dogfight 37-34

Daniel Tummeley: I think Miami will start the game scoring points on their first possession. My hope is that Richt will allow Kaaya to put his mark on the game. I expect the defense to play well, but of course there will be times when Cook gets a few first downs. I have the 'Canes winning 38-24.

Those are our picks. What’s yours? Use the prediction tool to log your score, then hop in the comments and keep the conversation going.

Go Canes!