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The Storm After The Storm

In this editorial, Larry "The Amigo ®" Milian breaks down the rivalry in it's current state.

5 is still > than 3.

The past is there and serves as a reminder that the Florida State Seminoles are still playing catch up.

As much as Seminole fans can argue that those Miami titles are ancient history, they can’t ignore that past.

Missed kicks.

Blown opportunities.

It’s evident that they are still petrified of what comes out of this game.

Just like the old days.

It doesn’t matter that they have won the last six times we’ve played. They’re still scared.

As I sat around waiting for Hurricane Matthew last night when it dawned on me. They are so petty that I can envision FSU faithful quietly hoping Hurricane Matthew would disrupt or cancel Saturday’s game.

However as usual, Seminoles best laid plans went……..WIDE RIGHT. Literally.

Their signs of fear are hard to ignore.

Our rival publication felt it made sense to have one of their writers disastrously misquote coach Mark Richt. In their infinite wisdom (note sarcasm) they made the editorial decision to go at Richt with something reminiscent of the glory days at The National Enquirer or Star Magazine.

Tsk. Tsk.

While Miami-Dade and Broward counties prepared for a potentially catastrophic storm, Seminoles prepared inaccurate fuel for a fire they will have one hell of a time extinguishing tomorrow night.

He never expected Richt to respond via Twitter and call him out.

He did.

So, in honor of our fearless leader and a state rivalry that showcases one program with five national championships against another with three titles, along with a myriad of missed opportunities and kicks as well as a few scandals of their own, I’ve decided….

To call them out as well.

I will throw my respect for them away since in my eyes they are no better than "the gator".

Honestly, what’s the difference?

They are more alike than you think.

They both hate that mathematical equation to death (5 > 3). They hate Miami as much as "the gator" does. In fact, you could make the argument they hate us MORE than "the gator" does since the Hurricanes have never stood in the way of "the gator" winning a title.

Hold up…….WE HAVE BREAKING NEWS! LOUISVILLE HAS SCORED AGAIN ON FLORIDA STATE! Back to your regularly scheduled column……..

Somehow we have coddled this relationship in the past by making positive comparisons to our enemies in Alachua County.

Well, I’m not doing that anymore either. Neither should you.

I remember writing this two years ago.

"……saying "FIVE IS GREATER THAN THREE" to a Seminole fan is eerily similar to the obnoxious, surly big brother (UM) laughing loudly as he terrorizes his younger brother (FSU). Slaps him across the back of the head. Pokes fun at his mistakes. Reminding him he will always be the younger brother."

They are no longer patient in dealing with the tough stuff. Remember when their shortcomings bordered on being dignified? Deserving of respect?

It’s funny to see Florida State Seminole fans behave like this before the annual big game.

It’s clear that this is no longer Bobby Bowden’s Seminoles.


It seems as if FSU fans have become UF 2.0. Who the heck wants to be like ‘the gator"?

With a chip on their shoulder since Jameis Winston led them to stolen crab legs, an "FHRITP" incident on campus, some disastrous allegations and their third title, their fans have resorted to pettiness and passive aggressive behaviors.

Tsk. Tsk.

See, it’s okay for writers and fans to attack Miami for living in the past and call our program names correlative to some of our off-field incidents, but when you call them out for their improprieties and shortcomings, they revert to behaving like…… I’ll let you fill-in the blank.

I have one now former friend who is an FSU fan that went as far as to curse me out for being a Cane. Not only did he come at me after eating a bravery sandwich during the Oregon whooping nearly two Decembers ago, but then engaged in the same nanny-nanny boo-boo war of words when they were still undefeated this season just a few short weeks ago.

So dignified. So grown up.


Funny how the past is now their reality. Three seasons removed from their last national title and a million miles away from any glory that will get them back to the college playoff and there they are, preparing for a different type of hurricane.

It’s all cyclical.

There we are. In their face. Undefeated and ready to end their streak on our home turf. Ironically, while Miami was able to avoid the direct effects of a hurricane last night, I can’t say the same for the Seminoles fate tomorrow night.

It’s understood that the trauma suffered by FSU at the hands of the Miami Hurricanes would lead many to therapy sessions and binge drinking. However, they have actually become worse than the sorority of lizards residing in Gainesville.

It has become blatantly obvious that this is no longer the day of the Bobby Bowden era.

Bowden was a man of dignity, class, deserved reverence and most importantly, respect. A man that was the ambassador for his program and the entire college game. An old school coach that was tough and resilient, just like his team.

Times have changed.

You see, this is the NNO.

New Nole Order.

What was once a dignified fan base and the best rivalry in college football has now become a boatload of insults launched along with unresolved disputes.

I would rather have respect for them like many of us did in the 80’s. It was more fun then.

That just isn’t possible anymore.

Rest assured, everything will get resolved on the field tomorrow night.

Hunker down Seminoles. You’re about to get it handed to you.