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Clinic Talk: Miami Hurricanes and Florida State Seminoles

Key plays in the Miami vs FSU rivalry game

NCAA Football: Florida State at Miami
Why you never let a game come down to the kicker
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

This game went fairly close to how I predicted, except for who was on what end of the final. I predicted Miami over FSU 20-17 in a game where the leading rusher will win and FSU will be hard to put away (with comparison to a super-roach). An old school game. It was an old school game that came down to a kick and much like the Brian Monroe disaster Miami lost 19-20 on a missed kick or the 3 wide rights or the wide left.

So how does Miami allow FSU to stay in the game? 3rd down conversions and two stagnant quarters without a score. How does FSU stay in the game? Francois doing just enough on the ground to pick up extra time in the pocket and extra yardage. Take away sack yards and he ran for 3.4 yards / rush.

So many fans and commenters said Coach Richt was going to break out the big guns for FSU, saving his offense... I saw Yearby and Walton running into a zone wall of their OL catching FSU defenders and Kaaya refusing to pull and run even when the Defensive End completely ignored him and squeezed the give.

Screenshot 1: the Coley TD

Above, you can see a screenshot of the Coley TD. This is a “6” route or 4-verts. When you get a 1-high (single safety in the middle of the field) look many teams will check to “6” because the safety has to make a decision. When Herndon(TE) runs his vert across the field up the far hashes, he drags that FS and leaves the WR’s in one-on-one match-ups.

Screenshot 2: Cook comes free

Above, I really wonder how a defense can let Dalvin Cook, a player that has gashed Miami for two years prior (and for 200 yards and a TD in year 3), come completely free. The CB has to play #1 to that side, which is the TE. He runs a seam and can either be played by the CB or pushed off to the FS. They have to talk. Cook is the #2 which goes to the FS. Cook wheels out and runs free because Carter, the safety that’s 1-high, plays the run and offers no back end support.

Screenshot 3: play calling is a numbers game

Above, look at the top of the screen. FSU has 4 possible receivers versus three possible Miami pass-drop defenders to that side. With the OLB and ILB blitzing, all FSU had to do was catch and throw the quick arrow or 0 out route and beat the CB. The safety to that side is 13 yards off #2, there’s no one over #3, and #1 is pressed by the CB. 2-3 guys to block 1 defender. The IZ play-action cuts it down to 3 on 2 but still, those are numbers OC’s die for.

Screenshot 4: Stick & Up

Above, the route combos look like #1 runs a skinny post, as does #3, to drag the CB, OLB, and safety off of Coley, who runs a stick and up. A stick route basically means run 5 and sit, if you’re covered- break outside. In this GIF you’ll see Coley then run it up to the endzone.

Screenshot 5: Another numbers game

Above, you can see seven (yes, 7) FSU defenders to one side against 4 Miami blockers on this PAT. When in doubt, call timeout. You have all 3 timeouts with 1:38 left. Why not call a timeout. There are many coaches in the box, you’re in control of when the ball is snapped, your PK’s job is to count the numbers. You have a 4on4 look to the right, which could be a fake check but this has timeout written all over it. This is a bad call someone would rip Coach Golden over for being “too green” but I bet this gets a pass from “die hards.”