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Week 11 Staff Picks

After a one-week hiatus, our team takes a stab at Week 11 Top 25 action and the Canes’ tilt at Virginia.....

Canes @ Virginia:

Cam: I'm going to keep this short: Virginia doesn't have the players to play with Miami. Not on offense. Not on defense. Not on special teams. And not coaching, either. Miami is far and away the better team, and we'll see that on Saturday.

Miami 41 Virginia 17

Michael: This will be the "tall tale sign" game for the Canes. They have more talent even though they're in a rebuilding mode when compared to the Cavaliers. The Canes are coming off a dominant performance at home against a similarly ranked team when looking back at the PITT Panthers. The one big difference in this weeks game will be it's away in Virginia and in the weather will be in the mid 50s to low 60s come kickoff. If the Canes keep their focus from last weeks game it could be another bludgeoning. We just don't know what type of team we get on a week to week basis yet under Mark Richt.

Canes win 42-27

Daniel: Miami offense might have found its groove against Pittsburgh last week. I look for that to continue against a Virginia team that hasn't shown much all season long.

Miami 28-17

Ricky: I think the Hurricanes’ momentum from last week’s 51-28 victory over Pittsburgh carries over to Charlottesville. Brad Kaaya looked much more comfortable with timing throws and a quick passing attack. If the offense can continue with this approach, it’ll go a long way towards masking a troublesome, and thinning, offensive line.

Hurricanes win 35-21.

Craig: See Brad throw. See Ahmmon catch. See defense swarm. See Canes dominate. That had better be the world’s shortest summary of what happens Saturday, as the Canes are just a more talented, more explosive team than UVa.

Miami 38-20.