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Clinic Talk: Miami Canes beat Virginia Cavs

Sloppy but victorious, ‘Canes beat Cavs

NCAA Football: Miami at Virginia
The Ibis has more swag than the players
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Miami opens doing what we’ve been saying DON’T DO THIS! to all season long- a 5 step drop with Kaaya stuck holding the ball, making complicated reads, and it backfires.

He misses a wide open check down

And instead throws a beautiful throw but into this

It’s not Kaaya’s ‘fault’ but why give the guy a dangerous throw to open the game.

The ‘Canes are starting to look like the Bulldogs of old (2015) on offense. You’re seeing the wrap play here and with how the Cavs line-up they’re easy to wash down. This is a terrible alignment to what Miami is looking to do. The pulling guard on the back side can’t even find someone to hit the OL dominates the DL so badly.

Inside zone lead is a UGA classic as well, including that draw-like shuffle step from Kaaya. The O-Line creates a nice hole and the ‘Canes score again.

In the passing game, Miami has a nice split-field combination to pick on the split-field coverage of UVA.

This is also a UGA staple, vert-out to the top of your screen and two deep curls to the bottom. Vert-out is great against cover 2 if you can place the ball well, and the two curls will break down in front of the quarters deep coverage.

Down by the goal line, Miami runs 4-verts with a switch look. So #1 and #3 on the top of the screen will run #’s and hashes respectively, then #2 will cross the field and run the hash on the bottom of your screen. #1 who is solo is running the #s to the bottom of the screen. The back also slips out and it looks like he will be open as well. Brad throws a great ball and it’s an amazing reception.

I liked seeing IZ and OZ from 2 backs, and using Edwards to carry OZ. He actually has more burst than the other two on zone plays. Yearby strikes me as a guy that runs the power/wrap plays better and Walton looks great on the screens and IZ plays.

I still think there are too many 3rd & 7 - 25 yard deep shots into double coverage. How can deep or PI be your only call on 3/7? I’m tired of being negative but even though I saw glimmers of the old UGA scheme I always liked I still see too much of the Coley/Kaaya throw it deep issues.

No complaints here on defense. The CB slips and Diaz’s blitz hits the QB square in the mouth. It’s a great call down here and should have worked.

What can you still see happening? A lack of discipline and poor coverage calls from Miami. There were just so many holes against UVA that can’t be there, whether over the middle (digs) or on the outside (vert-out). Miami gave up the free 5 yards on multiple occasions again. You can beat bad teams like UVA that way but NC State and Duke will be another story.

If you know anything about me as a coach, a familiar formation to my game planning is the Diamond Pistol. I love to throw out of it from the -20, but UVA uses it at +10 against the Canes for success to push them to the 3, and then into the endzone with an OZ sweep.

On defense heading into NC State and Duke, you can’t keep making mental mistakes (penalties) and the scheme can’t keep allowing easy throws better competition will carve up.

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