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Miami Hurricanes News and Notes: Butch Davis back; Cager running; Richards HLs

Your daily digest of Miami Hurricanes news for November 15th

LSU v North Carolina
He’s baaaaaaaack
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Hey! It’s Tuesday, and there’s news. So, let’s get into it.

Butch Davis to be hired as FIU Football Coach

After months of openly campaigning for the Miami Hurricanes HC job, news broke on Monday that former UM and UNC coach Butch Davis would be named the next HC at FIU. The news was first reported by Brett McMurphy of ESPN

If you don’t know who Butch Davis is, I....I’m shocked. Davis was the head coach at The University of Miami, yes, THIS UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI, from 1995-2000. He resurrected the Hurricanes program from the depths of sanctions, and constructed the roster of the greatest college football team ever: the 2001 Canes.

Davis left Miami for the Cleveland Browns in 2000, a move which I’m sure Davis wishes he could take back. He was fired by the Browns in 2004, and had a couple years off before bring hired by UNC in 2007. Davis was only in Chapel Hill for a few years, being fired in 2010. In a bit of synergy, Davis’ tenure at UNC left them with an NCAA investigation, which is exactly how his Miami tenure started.

Moving forward, Davis, had openly, and I mean OPENLY, campaigned to return to The U after Al Golden’s firing. That, obviously, didn’t happen, as the Canes hired alum Mark Richt as the head coach instead.

Now, after nearly 6 years out of coaching, Davis, who turns 65 on Thursday, is back in the game at FIU. The Panthers are one of the worst teams in America, so Davis is in for a rebuild. Nearly 100 coaches were hired in the 6 years since Davis was fired from UNC, so his stature in the coaching community has unquestionably diminished over time.

This is not a move that will not tangentially affect Miami, however. The Canes and the Panthers have a home and home series on the books for the near future.

The Brawl Pts 2 and 3 on deck? I’m with it.

Lastly, I saw a lot of people talking about how Davis’s hire at FIU would negatively affect Miami Hurricanes recruiting. In a word? No. Elaborated in some tweets? Sure.

So there you have it, kids. Butch Davis back in coaching at FIU. The move will be announced at a press conference in Miami on Tuesday afternoon.

FIU, you’re on the clock. Come get this ass whoopin’ in 2018 and 2019.

Lawrence Cager posts video of himself running

Lost for the year due to a knee injury sustained before fall camp kicked off, WR Lawrence Cager is one of several players the Canes are missing this year due to injury. The 6’5” WR came on late in his freshman year, and was in line for a major role this season for the Canes.

Now, several months after ACL surgery, Cager is back to running, as you can see in the short video he posted on Twitter Monday evening.

Now, that doesn’t mean Cager is back to 100%, but it’s another step in a positive direction for his recovery. Miami needs receivers in a bad way, and getting Cager back to full strength, and with (hopefully) some development of skill over the last year would be a major boost to that position group.

Keep it up, LC.

Quick Hitters

The Peach Cobbler to finish off your delightful Thanksgiving meal.

One of the best editors in the game, ThatCaneZo is back with another HL video. This time? It’s for Freshman Phenom WR Ahmmon Richards. Enjoy. WARNING: NSFW AUDIO

Susan Miller Degnan of the Miami Herald wrote about the age disparity between Miami and NC State, the latter which has no freshmen or redshirt freshmen starters on either side of the ball.

Here’s your recap of how the 2017 Canes commits fared in their playoff openers. N’Kosi Perry, Cade Weldon, and DeeJay Dallas starred again, which is unsurprising AF.

Devin Tucker had your ProCanes recap from NFL week 10. No TDs this week, but plenty of good performances.

If you missed yesterday’s News and Notes, look no further than the link below

That’s it for today. Make it a great one, guys.

Go Canes