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ESPN’s 30 for 30 Catholics vs Convicts: Open Thread

Chat about the film here. Including being mad as hell about that “fumble”. You know which one I’m talking about.

Craig Erickson Getty Images

ESPN has capitalized on the national brand of the Miami Hurricanes many times in the company’s history. After having several highly rated football games on their airwaves, ESPN then brought their 30 for 30 documentary series to the party. The U and The U: part 2 are among the most highly rated and critically acclaimed films ever produced in the documentary series. Both directed by UM alum and filmmaker Billy Corben, they’re essential viewing for all CFB fans.

Both The U and The U: Part 2 debuted in the premier TV slot following the Heisman Trophy ceremony. After a few years off, ESPN is bringing Miami back to this slot for another 30 for 30.

Tonight, at 9pm following the Heisman Trophy presentation — where Lamar Jackson should win the award in a landslide unless voters are stupid (which is possible) — ESPN will air their new documentary Catholics vs Convicts. This film, made by ND grads, looks at the epic 1988 games between Miami and Notre Dame. Here’s my earlier piece on after the film was announced:

Now, the show goes on, and you can watch it.

Catholics vs Convicts airs at 9pm on ESPN

I will say that since this is produced by ND grads, there will probably be commentary with which you (and all Canes fans) disagree. And, you know ND is good for that “we’re better than everybody so whatever happened to our opponent is the right thing” bullshit too, so be ready for that.

Everybody is not thrilled about this documentary, however. UM Sports Law professor Alicia Jessop has openly tweeted her displeasure at the characterization of Miami players as “convicts”, and wrote a post on her website about why she won’t be watching this film:

Do you have memories of this game? Was this where your hatred of ND started? Did you learn something new from the film? Are you, like Professor Jessop, going to skip this show in protest? Hop in the comments and share your thoughts.

And, even though we can’t go back and re-write history, we all know Miami got jobbed in this game. And, it’s all about The U, even in a ND produced documentary.

Go Canes