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Recruiting Radar: TE Tre’ McKitty commits to FSU over Miami; everything is fine.

Not what we wanted, but not a crippling blow on the recruiting trail, by any means.

TE Tre’ McKitty (IMG Academy) has committed to FSU over Miami

In a move that came as no surprise following recent reports, 3-star TE Tre’ McKitty committed to FSU over Miami.

A one-time Miami commit, McKitty decommitted from Miami a little over a year ago on December 13, 2015. Following that move, McKitty saw his recruiting pick up heavily, adding more than 20 offers and eventually committing to Oregon this past July.

Over recent weeks and months, it became clear that McKitty would not be heading to Oregon to play for the Ducks. A bad 2016 season, plus the reported desire to stay closer to home drew the Florida-native towards schools on the East coast. Miami and FSU quickly made their way to the top of the list, and those were McKitty’s finalists.

The move to commit to FSU makes little sense for the 6’4” 220lb McKitty. It has been recently reported that FSU coaches told him they “promised to get the TE more involved in the offense”, but that seems to run contrary to what Jimbo Fisher has done on offense his entire coaching career.

McKitty joins New Hampshire native Alexander Marshall at TE in FSU’s class. His decision to pick FSU leaves Miami in the same spot we were at TE: with early-enrollee Brian Polendey committed, and several talented players on the roster ahead of him who are likely to play heavy snaps.

With RS Sophomore David Njoku apparently all-but-announced to be heading to the NFL draft, Miami could have used a player with McKitty’s athleticism at this position. But, with Christopher Herndon IV, Michael Irvin II, Jovani Haskins, and Brian Polendey, Miami is still in a strong position at TE, even without McKitty.

I could continue with statistics and narrative about why a TE picking FSU over Miami is a questionable decision at best, but that would come off as sour grapes.

I’ll just say, in a general sense, congratulations to the young man for making his decision and we’ll revisit this choice later and talk about it then.

Go Canes