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Clinic Talk: How Oklahoma beat West Virginia

Can the Hurricanes replicate the Sooners’ success?

Miami v North Carolina State Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

On November 19th, the Sooners pounded the Mountaineers 56-28 parlaying scores off West Virginia’s four turnovers. Even though the WVU running back picked up 331 rushing yards he was unable to score a single touchdown. What did the Sooners do to dominate WVU?

Oklahoma used a balance between run/pass, a power run game, and created turnovers to beat West Virginia. Miami finished 14th in turnover margin while West Va finished 31st and Oklahoma, who put up a 4:1 turnover ration against WVU, finished 72nd. If the Sooners can do that damage to WVU then the ‘Canes pressure and ball control should keep the ratio positive.

These three GIF’s below show that if Mark Walton and David Njoku do what they do the ‘Canes can be in good shape. Njoku has been hard to bring down all season and Walton has been more dynamic and harder to wrap up every week.

Early on the Mountaineers defense looked out manned with Perine lined up at QB and running through tacklers on a 3rd and goal for a TD. The mountaineers are light in the ass with only 3 down lineman and it shows as the up-safety gets kicked by the backside guard and Perine follows behind the other back.

WVU continued their weak tackling, first on this jet sweep RPO.

Then below on a singleback power run breaking multiple tackles was Perine again.

Corn Elder and the Hurricanes DB’s have to know Dana’s teams are looking for the deep ball first and foremost.

WVU was down 34-0 until right before the end of the first half as this deep fade gets behind the Oklahoma defender for 6.

But here at the start of the 3rd quarter, WVU turns the ball over again with an 80 yard interception return for a touchdown.

Miami has done a great job shutting down ‘key players’ during the 2016 season. James Conner, Taylor Lamb, and even Dalvin Cook for a half. If Miami can shut down Howard as expected the Mountaineers will have to make plays happen elsewhere.

Down but trying to mount a comeback, WVU runs a nice Screen/Draw RPO with the QB Howard. Howard threw for 191 and ran for 50 with 4 TDs overall.

WVU does what these “air raid” teams to best and strikes deep while down 41-21 to close the margin.

But in the end it was too much of a margin to overcome as Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield pulls on dive option and scores again. Mayfield threw for 169 and 2 TDs and ran for 2 more.

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