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Silkk, Kev and Newberg Podcast


Silkk. Kev, and Newberg

Silkk, Kev, and Newberg is a podcast where we talk the big 3 in football. Im Kev @561_Kev I am the writer of this and a Canes fan. Silkk is a Gator fan and a notorious Twitter troll @unklesilkk. Josh Newberg is a national writer for 247 and covers football a FSU and USF. We talk football and everyday life happenings for us who are members of he washed population.

This week we had Shawn Rose @ShawnFace on Twitter. Shawn is a USC guy who also has close ties with South Florida recruiting, as he is a coach of South Florida Express. He gives his thoughts on everything from Mike Harley recruiting to best player in SFE history to who he prefers over Snoop Dogg or Tupac to Donaldson vs Leatherwood..

Its a good listen. let us know what you think.