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Unfinished business: why QB Brad Kaaya should come back for his senior year

The case for Kaaya coming back to Miami

NCAA Football: Russell Athletic Bowl-West Virginia vs Miami Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Brad Kaaya has a decision in front of him. The 3 year starting QB is mulling over the idea of leaving college to go to the NFL or stay in college for his senior year.

My buddy Matt Washington wrote about why Kaaya should leave, and you can read that here.

I’m taking the side for Kaaya staying at Miami for his senior year. And, this is what I’ve got:

Kaaya needs another year to develop for the NFL

In a simple sense, and the biggest reason in my mind for Kaaya staying: he’s just not ready for the NFL yet.

Kaaya is good. Damn good. He makes NFL throws. He’s got all the talent in the world. But he’s not consistent enough with his play to be in the NFL yet. Some tweets to help bolster my argument:

Brad Kaaya has the arm, the accuracy, the anticipation, and the football knowledge to run an NFL offense and succeed in the league. You don’t throw for 10,000 yards in 3 years at Miami without having skills.

But, he has things he can improve (like footwork and consistency for starters), and that development would be best done in his senior year at Miami.

Kaaya can own every passing record at Miami

Brad Kaaya is the Miami Hurricanes’ career leader in completions, attempts, and yards. He’s 2nd in TDs behind Jacory Harris. He’s in the top 2 or 3 in 200 yard passing games, 300 yard passing games, and even more statistics.

With another year like this (or any) year, Kaaya will completely re-write the Canes’ passing record books. Kaaya has said he wanted to come and be a legend at The U. Stay and have all the passing records a QB can have? That sounds like the stuff of legend to me.

Wins aren’t a QB stat, but Kaaya can get a signature win like beating FSU

Y’all know that I don’t believe wins are a QB stat. That being said, I’m sure Kaaya staying for his senior year and beating FSU in particular, and other ranked teams (the bowl win vs WVU was just the 2nd win over a ranked team in the last 3 years for Miami) would surely be positive.

Kaaya has played well vs FSU and other ranked teams in his time here, but wins over Pittsburgh and West Virginia aren’t really top tier. But, with another year comes another opportunity to finally prevail over teams such as those that I’ve mentioned, and could be a solid reason for Kaaya to return for his senior season.

Nobody else at QB is ready to run the show

I know Brad Kaaya started here as a true freshman, and I know that other teams around CFB have started true freshmen in this and other seasons. But, in my mind, none of the other QBs on Miami’s roster (or soon to be on the roster in the case of 2017 recruits) are ready to step in and start.

The quartet of QBs on the roster currently — Malik Rosier, Jack Allison, Evan Shirreffs, and Vincent Testaverde — have talent (some more than others), but none are ready to be the full-time starter yet. 2017 recruits N’Kosi Perry and Cade Weldon both have talent — LOTS OF TALENT — but they’re not even in college yet.

Could Miami, in Kaaya’s absence, look to one of those 6 players to be the QB of 2017 and maybe the future? Sure. But none of them are as game ready right now as Brad Kaaya.

Those are my 4 reasons for why Brad Kaaya should come back to Miami next year. Agree? Disagree? Hop in the comments below and let your voice be heard.

Go Canes