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State of the U Catches Up With Former Miami Great and Potential Congressman Randal "Thrill" Hill

One of the fastest players in Miami history is looking to make a difference in his community.

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Who can forget the long catches, the celebrations, and the swag of "Thrill" Hill?

Years later, his exceptional play and boisterous enthusiasm are still some of the most lasting memories of the great 'Canes teams of the past.

Hill is now looking to bring that same passion to something bigger: his community.

We got a chance to catch up with Randal and ask him about all of that, as well as his memorable days at UM.

Full Q&A

SOTU:  First and foremost Randal, tell us about your current campaign.  What made you decide to run for District 24 in Florida?  How is the race coming along?

RH: I decided to run for US Representative for Florida's 24 Congressional District, because District 24 is underserved and deserves better. The District is diverse and needs new positive representation that is willing to improve the lives of its constituents.

SOTU: Do you have any upcoming events that the people of your district can come by and learn more about you and your policies?

RH: The next event is a town hall meeting that will be held at the Little Haiti Cultural Complex, located at 212 North East 59 Terrence Miami, Florida, 33137. The meeting will give residents an opportunity to ask questions and share their opinions about what they would like to see happen in the district.

SOTU: Back to your days at "The U."  What is your all-time favorite moment from your days as a Hurricane? Who are your all-time favorite teammates?

RH: There are two major events that occurred at the U that went down in history that I distinctly remember. Some may even call me the ring leader of some those great teams.

For example, who would have thought that a team would be backed up in its own side of the football field and need 43 yards to pick up a first down. When you played for a team that invented the word swagger, you might as well buckle up, sit back, and enjoy the show. It is the greatest show on earth, because we changed the play in the huddle and I caught a 44-yard pass on national television to help break the back of the Notre Dame. By the way, did I say how much we hated them and still do?

The next major event was the infamous Texas Cotton Bowl touchdown. Yes, I still say it was not my fault. If the NCAA would have made uniforms that had ripcords attached to parachutes, it would have allowed me slow down before I got to the tunnel. Running through the tunnel in the Cotton Bowl will go down in NCAA history as a play that changed college football regarding celebrations. GO UM!

SOTU:  What do you think of the current squad?   Which WRs have caught your eye on the present day 'Canes?

RH: The current squad is a work in progress. There is a lot of talent at the University of Miami, and Mark Richt is now at the controls. It is up to him to get the best of the current and future stars. In short, they will surprise some teams next year. You can take that to the bank.

SOTU:  How do you feel about the hiring of Mark Richt?

RH: Let me be completely honest; the majority of former players that attended the University of Miami wanted Butch Davis to be the head coach. With that being said, I completely support the University of Miami and the changes it has made over the past several months. Mark Richt is the right man for the job, and I completely support him and the direction he will take the U.

SOTU: Last but certainly not least,  do you have a final message for your fans and potential constituents?

RH: I would like ask the constituents to support me in my campaign to make positive changes in Florida's 24 Congressional District. Please visit and contribute $3, $33, $333, or $2700 to my campaign.

Thanks again to Randall for giving us some of his time, and good luck in the upcoming election.