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Recruiting Radar: Junior Day preview 2/20

The first big recruiting event for the 2017 class, Miami will host Mark Richt's first Junior Day since taking over as the Canes' head coach.


The Mark Richt era of Miami football is underway, and that will continue this weekend as the staff hosts the first Junior Day of the 2017 cycle.

Junior Days are on-campus events where top talent gets to interact with coaches, see the campus, and generally begin to build the mental picture of them being a Cane.

With The U being in the absolute best recruiting hotbed in all of America, Miami has the ability to get more top players on campus than anyone else. This is big for Richt and company this year, as they work to rebuild the cache of Miami and, more importantly, A MIAMI SCHOLARSHIP OFFER with top tier players from South Florida.

Over the course of the past decade, a Miami offer has gone from something that was prized and hoped for to something that is (largely) meaningless and expected by every HSFB player within a 2 hour radius of UM's campus. Plain and simple, that has to change. And, with a new staff who comes with an impressive resume, the first step towards that is this week's Junior Day.

Junior Days are usually invite-only events, where all the prospects are hand selected  by the staff to be in attendance. An invite, like a UM scholarship offer, is not something everybody gets, so this event already has an air of exclusivity.

The list of players who are said to be in attendance for the initial Junior Day is impressive. Here are some of the players who will be in Coral Gables on Saturday:

Recruiting analyst Larry Blustein has been following the players and scene in South Florida for more than 40 years. He is part of the team at South Florida HS Sports, and has put together an impressive list of the top 75 SoFLA players for 2017.

When you look at Blustein's list and the list of Junior Day attendees, you'll see a lot of crossover. This is not by mistake. Mark Richt has openly stated he wants to do about 90% of recruiting in the South Florida  area. And, this is a good step towards making that a reality.

In previous years, Junior Days yielded several commits for the Hurricanes. This could very well be the case from tomorrow's event as well. And, even if it doesn't, a solid day for these top players on campus could start to have Miami become a more prominent school in their collective and individual recruitments.

That's it for now. Hopefully, I'll be back this weekend and/or Monday with some good commit news for you, if all goes well on Saturday.

Go Canes!!