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Miami Hurricanes 2016 Early Enrollees Profile: Michael Pinckney

The Jacksonville product is another at a position of need for the 'Canes.

247 Sports

Pinckney is a solid 3 star guy, who perhaps lacks the raw power of say Shaq Quarterman, but is nonetheless a nice prospect.

He is an excellent tackler, and at 6'1 220 ish with good speed, has the base to become a very good player down the line.

Not to continue beat a dead horse, but with depth issues at LB and shift from 3-4 to 4-3 coming, the Hurricanes needed this signing.

And again, a kid that is on campus early is always a plus.

His highlights below:

Summary:  I am not as high on this kid as Quarterman nor McCloud, but I really like his motor and passion for the game. If he gets bigger and stronger and continues to display good instincts for the LB position, he could develop into a starter at some point.  One more time, in case you missed the running theme, UM needed LBs in this class very badly. And Pinckney plays that position.  This may not be the sexiest signing of the class, but it's another chip for a rebuilding and transitioning defense.  And that is a good thing.