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Swag Class 16' Player Profile: Dionte Mullins

A 5'11 180 pound prospect, Mullins has amazing hands, and a penchant for huge plays.

Dionte Mullins has all the requisite attributes you want in a big time recruit: speed, athleticism, strength, instincts.

But what really stands out when you watch closely, are his hands.

Mullins is exceptional at catching the ball away from his body, can haul it in in crowded spaces, and just overall looks incredibly natural snatching the pigskin out of the air.

Don't believe me?

Check this out:

Who doesn't want to see this combo hook up for years to come?!

Additional Mullins highlights:

Summary:  What's not to like about Mullins?  He likely needs to put on a little more weight to absorb punishment at this level.  But he already has the talent to step in and make big catches as a freshman.  He may not be quite as explosive as Same Bruce, but he isn't far off. But the big thing with this kid, is he can develop into a big time possession guy as well.  Where Bruce may develop into a Santana Moss type, I kind of see Mullins as something of a Reggie Wayne.  Yes these are unfair comparisons this early in the game, but nonetheless this receiving haul featuring Mullins and Bruce are big time reasons to be excited.