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Swag Class 16' Player Profile: Joseph Jackson

4 star DE prospect could be the steal of the class.

247 Sports

"Joseph Jackson is the best player in this class no one is talking about." - Cam Underwood, Managing Editor/Lead Recruiting Analyst, SOTU

Yes, the skill position guys and QB Jack Allison garner most of the spotlight.

But Jackson could end up a fan favorite if his massive potential turns into on the field production.

The 4 star Gulliver Prep recruit is listed at 6'5 235, and he still has to room to add to him frame.

He comes to Coral Gables as a long, lean, aggressive, and fast twitch athlete, who likely won't fly under the radar long.

Take a look for yourself:

Summary: The hope for UM fans is that new D line guru Craig Kuligowski gets the most out of Chad Thomas and Al-Quadin Muhammad with the remainder of their time at Miami. But equally exciting is the prospect of him working with young and talented players like Jackson.  And you couldn't draw up a better base for a 4-3 DE, especially one in an attacking scheme. This kid should develop into a starter, and potentially a star. Again he will need some time to put on some size, as well as build up his tool set.  But he already has great hands,  and a very good motor to go along with his natural athleticism.  Jackson is one of the bigger reasons for 'Canes fans to be excited about this class.