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Swag Class '16 Player Profile: Travis Homer

Oxbridge Academy product knows how to make defenders miss, and runs bigger than his size.

247 Sports

The U has long been one of the best programs in the country at producing top notch backs.

From Edge to Portis to Gore to Duke, the lineage is impressive to say the least.

Joe Yearby and Mark Walton (not to mention Gus Edwards) are strong incumbents to carry the rock in 2016.

But the Swag Class brings us another potential game changer in Travis Homer.

The 5'11 195 pound 4 star prospect has excellent hands as a receiver, slashes with aplomb, picks up blitzes nicely, and most impressively carries tacklers between the tackles.

He has a lot of the same qualities current backs Walton and Yearby also share.

And those are all very good attributes.

Some highlights below:

Summary: Homer is a very solid pick up for the class. He has the skill set to be an every down back down the line, and at minimum could compete to snaps as a change of pace runner next season.  He may not be quite as explosive coming out of H.S. as say a Dalvin Cook, but he is comparable to both Walton and Yearby, who have both worked out nicely thus far.  His hands and strength for his size are close to elite. So who knows, he may be even better than projected if all works out.  Either way, Homer is an excellent building block for the future.